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not made known


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In a one-minute, 14-second video preview, Alexiev describes Immigration Bill Modernization Act SB 744 and the unrevealed consequences of the legislation.
Table9 chef patrons Scott Price and Nick Alvis' first project after joining Albwardy Investment Group on January 1, 2014, will be to open a new casual dining restaurant in an as yet unrevealed mall in Dubai.
The federal law governing the Securities and Commodities Authority prohibits misusing of the officially unrevealed financial information on stocks, which might affect securities price in the stock market.
Mehsud in a rare address from unrevealed location, said that the TTP is not just fighting a war on a tactical level, but has been successful in subduing politicians and bring them to the negotiation table.
Of the 102 violations, 42 are cases of goods carrying wrong descriptions and information, 14 of unrevealed prices of goods and services, 10 of prices not stated in Arabic and six of product and specifications not shown or displayed.
The judge will be Jesus; the day is set but unrevealed (Rev 20:11-15).
Staying in their villas and apartments will bring you through the historical sites that remains unrevealed to most tourists.
Rawlings' wife flew back from an unrevealed foreign location after being informed of her husband's death ( ANI )
But the most significant consequence of the Swiss role is that men might have to realise they are not and never will be the Masters of the Universe, that there are mysteries unrevealed and that however far-fetched the idea of God is, it's a lot less fantastical than the idea that all this life came about by accident.
He said that influential generates around $15 billion of black money every year while the unrevealed cash is estimated to be $200 billion which can resolve many problems we are facing if governance is improved.
AkzoNobel says the new plant - at an unrevealed location within a 25-mile radius of Prudhoe - would treble their North East manufacturing capacity and create 140 jobs.
According to the reached agreement, BDI will get two Deputy Prime Minister positions and five ministries but the names of the future functionaries are still unrevealed.
HALF of the city of Cardiff changed ownership yesterday when the board of Mountjoy Ltd, acting for the Marquess of Bute, exchanged contracts for the sale to an unrevealed purchaser in London.
The volume is published in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name, at an unrevealed date and location.
That the football club has already been given the proceeds from the sale of the old ground, owned by the council and sold to the club's sponsors Redrow builders for an unrevealed sum.