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Synonyms for unretrievable

impossible to recover or recoup or overcome

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The feature also helps in discovering new areas of subject development, avoiding the "mummy's curse," in which human catalogers have to recognize a term before approving it for usage and then leaving the earlier material using the term un-indexed and unretrievable by that term as an authorized descriptor or metatag.
If the diminutive form of a base word is completely novel, or if it is temporarily unretrievable from memory, analogy will calculate the base's similarity to others that exist in the lexicon.
It's globalisation, you see, as every city sets along the unretrievable path of metamorphosis into some sort of burgerhouse-ridden bit of Americana.
What now seems more clear, however, is that the way Holiday House and The Mill on the Floss write childhood largely generates a critical response that believes the texts only in terms of their own claims to absolute success: the remarkable thing to most critics, as we have seen from their writings, is that these texts retrieve so wonderfully what the texts themselves diagnose as unretrievable.
Often, that attention has been couched in terms of forging a link with a European past now unretrievable to the urban, sophisticated travelers and commentators.
Others are not included here because they seemed repetitious, or were almost certainly poems by other poets (such as Ba Huyen Thanh-Quan, a woman whose poetry is sometimes attributed to Ho Xuan Huong), or because they seemed unretrievable in English, even with supportive footnoting.
The discovery of more substantive evidence of this practice would significantly broaden our understanding of dissemination patterns and the role this music played in early New England culture, although ultimately these sources may be unretrievable.
Digital storage methods are inconsistent over time, and much of the data stored this way has been lost or is unretrievable.
In general, it was as if the strengths and resources both described in the relationship prior to breast cancer became background and unretrievable.
The text here is unretrievable due to a cut in the original manuscript, but the line would end with a rhyming pattern similar to 'passe, was, alas'.
But like Times Mirror's other mortally wounded properties, the Times has had to work overtime to keep morale from sinking to unretrievable depths.