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offering no resistance

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Some of the insurgents said that when it ceased, they heard the shrieks of women, and saw some garments fluttering in the air, as a party of men bore away no unresisting burdens.
The sound of the trumpet wakes Judah no longer, and her despised children are now but the unresisting victims of hostile and military oppression.
An unresisting victim is not a pleasant thing; whether the murder is done decorously in the drawing- room, or brutally on the highway, there should be a struggle to give some plausible excuse for taking a life.
Now, indeed, was Tarzan sure that this was a sleep adventure, and so grinned largely as the giant gorilla bore him, unresisting, away.
He sprang upon Buck, and twice his teeth sank into his unresisting foe and ripped and tore the flesh to the bone.
will you suffer us to be butchered like unresisting sheep?
Mrs Lammle laughed in her gayest manner, and, removing her Georgiana's unresisting hands, and playfully holding them in her own at arms' length, sometimes near together and sometimes wide apart, went on:
But witnesses, security footage and forensic evidence later showed that they had dragged away the unresisting and unarmed teenager as he was closing down the family's store.
The court found that the officer's purported conduct in repeatedly punching the unresisting inmate and striking him in the groin was a malicious and sadistic use of force intended to cause pain, in violation of the Eighth Amendment, not a good-faith use of force necessary to maintain order or discipline in a prison environment, regardless of the severity of the resulting injury to the inmate.
Once Nick picks the shadow back up, he notes that, having earlier "shot upstream," the trout's "shadow seemed to float down the stream with the current, unresisting.
2014) (police officer who punched a handcuffed, unresisting arrestee); United States v.
25) With this unusual translation, Pizzimenti represents the radical and transcendent character of the sublime as not simply instructing, persuading, or moving, but rapturing unresisting readers.
Trump tells the story as if it is a good policy to kill unresisting Muslim prisoners.
22) And given all the maladies listed above, plus my own advanced age, it seemed likely the assassin would be the physician's knife invading my (unidentifiable word) unresisting body.
Geoffrey Best, Humanity in Warfare: The Modern History of the International Law of Armed Conflicts 15 (1980) (describing IHL as "in between the positions of unrestrained and absolute violence on the one hand, unresisting and absolute non-violence on the other.