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not requested


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Now assume a benefactor with 1000 potential recipients who are not liable for unrequested benefits.
In the meantime, the DOD asked the House-Senate conference committee on the FY01 Defense Authorization to shift unrequested funds for procurement and research and development to a host of aerospace and other programs that were cut by the Armed Services Committees and on the House and Senate Floor.
The consequences of unrequested disclosure are potentially damaging, because marital partners often blame each other for a child's disorder.
Without our product in place, NFWC was subjected to massive amounts of unrequested emails being pushed into its network.
Furthermore, these books have spent many years unrequested and unread.
With an unrequested but welcome mini-tour of its many ornate rooms came the revelation that around PS2 million had been spent on its transformation.
New laws will stop them from giving unrequested raises in credit limits or sending out cheques which attract higher rates of interest.
A pile of designer catalogues delivered unrequested has also convinced me I am in the type of income bracket that enables me to buy vastly over-priced tops.
Congress also considered additions of unrequested funds for agricultural disaster relief, child health insurance, avian flu preparedness, homeland security, and other purposes.
While studying this exercise in creating a taste explosion, bread and dips arrived unrequested.
Mobile 365 Ltd has just been fined pounds 10,000 after sending unrequested text s for a competition that cost pounds 1.
Many others live in fear of doctors lest they fall victim to unrequested euthanasia.
who defines pork as a purely local spending measure that has been slipped into the budget without a full review by Congress, recently took his colleagues to task for ``a multitude of unrequested earmarks that will continue to burden American taxpayers.
Trent Lott forced the building of an unrequested aircraft carrier to benefit a shipyard in his home state.
When I joined the company several years ago an unrequested stock of such product for one of our largest customers had become obsolete in their original heavy manufacturing process.