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not exemplifying a class

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Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said those behind the attack are entirely unrepresentative of the wider community and are enemies of peace.
I am also convinced that it is entirely unrepresentative of the vast majority of our staff who are committed to delivering outstanding service and doing the right thing for customers, recognising that trust is at the core of our business.
A spokesman for the Loughborough University Students Union said: "It's really unrepresentative of the students of Loughborough.
To imply such is grossly unrepresentative of Toxteth as a whole, in which live many fine law-abiding people, both black and white - myself included.
They were a tiny, unrepresentative bunch then and now.
Until such time as the club condescends to play again in Coventry, Nuneaton etc I believe we should regard them as a purely Birmingham club and unrepresentative of us.
The New York ninth is spectacularly unrepresentative of America demographically (for one thing, there are a lot of Orthodox Jews), and this special election was spectacularly unrepresentative of normal elections.
The British Medical Association had never joined the forum because they believed that it was unrepresentative, he said.
Upon returning home and reading your article I found I had unwittingly carried out further research, albeit on a possibly unrepresentative sample of Cardiff residents - the cycling fraternity.
Moreover, when the small samples were unrepresentative of the target population, which is quite likely for small samples, the amount of equating bias (in addition to random equating error) was considerably large for both the raw and smoothed equatings.
The organisation who disclosed the statistics later tried to dismiss the findings as based on an unrepresentative sample.
Yet, the realignment of voting rights has been criticised for still being unrepresentative.
Yesterday's practice took place on a drying track, so the times may be unrepresentative, but Pedrosa looked competitive and would be going for a third win in a row at this track had last year's bid not ended in disaster.
Dear Editor, Your article, 'New health alert over drinking lots of cola' (May 20, 2009), refers to a study that only highlights very extreme cases of cola consumption which are totally unrepresentative of the cola consumption of the vast majority of people in the UK.
The National Youth Organization then promptly disowned the study it had just released, saying it was based on an unrepresentative sample.