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In short, in Desmond Tutu we have someone who: was frail, delicate, and susceptible to the diseases of poverty that feasted on his people, was "disabled" for life by polio, was born of a criminalized people, was a member of a despised underdog clan, and was a descendant of those who died anonymously and unremarkably.
Coronary artery disease (CAD) patients are unremarkably associated with various risk factors and physical limitation.
They make headlines because most people (and it is most people in the industrialized world) remove their unwanted hair so habitually and unremarkably.
It is remarkable that the center came to attribute so much potential to this unremarkably backward, malarial, and climatically problematic region of the Soviet Union.
Rodriguez often describes Austin resources somewhat unremarkably, such as when he comments on his experience of editing El Mariachi: "Now I have to edit.
passers-by as calmly and unremarkably as horses drop their leavings.
That said, these are also ordinary men who (possibly) love their children, their dogs, their secretaries, who behave unremarkably and have trivial worries.
And in 1794, the Constitution's principal author, James Madison, finding before him a bill for the relief of French refugees fleeing to Baltimore and Philadelphia from an insurrection in San Domingo, rose on the floor of the House to declare, unremarkably, that he could not "undertake to lay his finger on that article of the Federal Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending on objects of benevolence the money of their constituents.
steadily, but unremarkably for 200 years, having been founded by the
But a four-year-old boy habitually, routinely and unremarkably kneeling for 15 minutes, being made to do squats, running, at a time when he looked like a Belsen victim?
They come to us as unremarkably as remembrance but awake in us all our latent knowledge, our half-forgotten experiences, accompanied by an exceptional vigilance of the senses--with an optional touch of intuition--and open to our everydayness doors to the cosmic.
At other incident wavelengths, all the field distributions were unremarkably weak, as shown in Fig.
That few foreign observers of Korea at the time recognized Qing activities for what they were may have also stemmed at least in part from the fact that the Qing activities were so unremarkably similar to the general practices of the day.
Real" Sydney wears clothing that can be described as comfortable and casual (frequently, running gear and sweatpants) or unremarkably professional (drab business suits at work).
The unforgettable Israeli documentary "The Flat" opens unremarkably enough.