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in an unfaithful undependable unreliable manner

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He violates the most fundamental rules of democracy, acting arbitrarily and unreliably.
From unreliably identifying birthmarks in the 1845 suit brought by Salome Muller, who claimed to be a free, German-born woman kidnapped into slavery; through an early use of a "disability con" in Herman Melville's 1857 novel, The Confidence Man: His Masquerade; to the use of fingerprinting to settle a case of racial misidentification in Mark Twain's Pudd'nhead Wilson (1894); to twentieth-century attempts to "biocertify" claims to Native American or Hawaiian identity through "blood quantum" measurements; and finally, to current debates over sex testing in sports, things always seems to get complicated.
It appears to be unreliably executed and has not been adequately tested to assess validity or accuracy.
However, as observed by labs from multiple institutions, 7G8 is unreliably infectious to mosquitoes.
Ecumenical reliabilism is consistent with unreliably produced knowledge and helps explain why unreliably produced knowledge is possible.
Among his two dozen-plus novels, Banville is also known for The Book of Evidence (1989; * BOOKER SHORT LIST), which is unreliably narrated by a 38-yearold dissolute scientist, Freddie Montgomery, who murders a servant girl in the process of stealing what he believes is his rightful inheritance and "confesses.
This novella is unreliably narrated by newlywed Rashoud.
Pelvic examinations unreliably detect adnexal masses (SOR: B, single cohort study); pelvic exams accompanied by ultrasound fail to affect outcomes in ovarian cancer screening (SOR: B, cohort studies).
If you have n=3 or some other (very) small and unreliable data set, or your data are likewise unreliably based on observer testimony and witness descriptions of events, you should never allow yourself to be duped into working within a high resolution ranking scale (1-10 or something similar); you have no repeatable or mathematically meaningful way of discriminating between a 1 and a 3, a 5 and an 8, or anything else for that matter.
From general considerations it is clear, that deformations, obtained in simulation are close to the real ones for deformation directions, but unreliably exaggerated for value.
48 documented unreliably related or obscurely to DOC 2.
It has been recently proposed that the current prevalence of DRA in the community may be either inaccurate or reported unreliably due to the present methods used to diagnose the condition (Mota et al 2012, Mota et al 2013).
However these data could describe genetic structure unreliably due to environmental factors.
This was due to the children reporting unreliably, rather than to unreliability in the experimenter's scoring.
recollection buzzes on the neck here now unreliably shift shifted