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Based on the three (3) main functions performed by narrators--(1) reporting on, (2) evaluating and (3) interpreting [characters, facts and events]--, Phelan and Martin have theorized that narratorial unreliability results from failure or distortion in the carrying out of the aforementioned functions.
Scholars from continental Europe, mostly Germany, apply the concept of unreliability to the experimental currents within the genre, both describing theoretical conceptualizations of unreliable narration and tracing its diverse uses and transformations in different national literatures and poetical programs.
An example of this involves Donald Thomson, a memory researcher, who in the 1970s appeared in a television show on the unreliability of eyewitness testimony.
Indeed, an entire section in a recent US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) determination was written about the unreliability of Cox's testimony and these assertions, a finding made by both the FDA commissioner and an administrative law judge (5, 6).
What did the car in, however, was the unreliability of its fascinating new engine.
Jagger (Luke De Woolfson) pops up mainly to complain about Jones' unreliability and, ultimately, explain the terms of his dismissal.
The going gets gory, but the alluring unreliability of the Internet turns horror into mystery: What's true?
This chapter covers metadata, data entry conventions, digital archives, file compression, graphic resolutions, computer editing (and the periodic unreliability of it), scanning of maps and photos, digitizing maps, and cartographic techniques.
Tape reliability was an issue: they could be misplaced or damaged far too easily; mirroring many of the same unreliability issues they have had for more than 30 years.
Korty does, however, allude to photography by way of certain painterly effects that evoke the medium's tendencies toward intrusion and unreliability.
Exactly one year ago the Humanist ran a story about the unreliability of electronic voting machines, noting that they are programmed with unsecure software and are inauditable because they leave no paper trail.
Fordham Foundation and a supporter of standardized testing, "but I think its biggest flaw as an external assessment is its subjectivity and unreliability.
Site Confidence claims that the apathy from UK businesses with regards to online presence will cause users to have a problematic web experience with issues such as downtime, missing links and unreliability.
The 70-question, multiple-choice, online test requires about 15 minutes to complete and helps determine if an employment prospect has tendencies toward violence, dishonesty, workers' compensation fraud, theft, drug use, or unreliability.