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3), and apparently non-motile; in all observations of unrelaxed and relaxed larvae, these cilia were held straight and oriented at an angle of about 40[degrees] above the equatorial plane (Fig.
We now note that the solution to the relaxed problem is also feasible in the unrelaxed problem because - max{[r.
A percent-relaxed score is obtained by dividing the number of relaxed behaviors by the total number of relaxed and unrelaxed behaviors x 100.
It is a fairly unrelaxed occasion which passes swiftly.
And I'm so unrelaxed at the moment," the Mirror quoted her as saying.
13) In this history of representation, white bodies are "hard, lean, dieted and trained," they stand "upright, shoulders back, unrelaxed posture," they have "tight rather than loose movement," accented by "tidiness in domestic arrangement and eating matters.
As a people we might well be called the Unrelaxed and, therefore, the Uncontemplative.
But the entire cast seems unrelaxed, some of them struggling with their accents.
With unrelaxed and breathless eagerness, I pursued nature to her hiding places.
As the fat lady sings outside on a familiar stoop, Zu-Zu flings her unrelaxed hair farther out and continues to gaze downward, greasy flakes of dandruff falling like wet snow while she stares down the crowd.
Despite Dickson's words, Angels manager Terry Collins said the pitcher is putting too much pressure on himself, is unrelaxed and needs to continue his aggressive style.
That's because the combination of prone riding position, hard suspension and surging acceleration make for a pretty unrelaxed trip up back.
Apart from a curt dismissal - without specific supporting evidence - of Cliff Richard and others as 'mediocre, imitative, lacking charisma and unrelaxed in the idiom' (p.
As more and more chains relax, the concentration of unrelaxed chains becomes less and less which promotes a further drop in modulus in what is called the terminal zone.
This was an unrelaxed lady with a dab of `Disapproval' behind her ears, who, like the statuesque forties Hollywood character actress she so closely resembled (who, oddly, had strong left-wing tendencies), she conveyed six feet without necessarily going all the way.