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Synonyms for unrehearsed

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for unrehearsed

with little or no preparation or forethought

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The inaugural performance was a spontaneous, unrehearsed benefit for an African-American lez/bi support group.
While a CPR-certified physical therapist administered first aid backstage, the new lead couple quickly discussed their impending unrehearsed performance.
When the players gave the show unrehearsed, and without props or costumes, the result was disastrous.
While none of the group's soloists could be considered muscular players these days by any stretch of the imagination, their apparently unrehearsed attempts at telepathy completely missed their mark.
We all do understand that during the course of the battle, one might be inspired to try something unrehearsed.
All the meandering quirks, tasty snippets of alien cultures, and unrehearsed surprises that dot their concert recordings--the stuff that makes `em great--are simply not here.
Four hours of videotape provide up-close, unrehearsed interviews with some of the top investigators in the United States.
We also tried to revive what we call the 'EV' acting style: loose, improvisational, a kind of unrehearsed realism.
AN unrehearsed and unexpected 'Full Monty' performance by three well- known Lambourn racing personalities raised pounds 3,000 at the weekend for the John Durkan Leukaemia Trust.
190), focuses on undirected and unrehearsed encounters between volunteers.
However, "live" does not mean unrehearsed or unprepared.
They listen to the candidate's message on a range of subjects and, with the help of a skilled facilitator, engage in a vigorous and unrehearsed discussion of the issues.
and ask four experts - Buzz Aldrin, Bruce Murray, Kathryn Sullivan, and Louis Friedman - who give brief and seemingly unrehearsed "talking head" answers on video.
Her skills and experience were immediately tested, when, at the first live broadcast of "Teen Summit," she stood before a broken Teleprompter and an unrehearsed group of teen participants.
It was a pleasure to present two of the industry's greatest success stories to conference attendees for an unrehearsed hour of questions and answers on how to make it in the business," said Jeff Mendel, conference director.