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Synonyms for unregenerate

tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield

not reformed morally or spiritually

unrepentant and incapable of being reformed


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Splendidly self-confident in his last moments, Handel clearly views the crude, parodic effects of The Beggar's Opera, bidding for respect by challenging and offering a satiric popular alternative to the more ornate Italian art, as beneath contempt, unfit to be mentioned in the same breath with his own demanding, immensely refined works, offered in the form of oratorios after the fad for Italian opera had passed but as unregenerately recondite and sophisticated as the outright operas.
Humankind lingers unregenerately in Plato's cave, still reveling, its age-old habit, in mere images of the truth.
In "Secular Criticism" Said attributes this anti-filiative impulse to the great Modernist writers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including Joyce, Eliot, Mann, and Proust: "Childless couples, orphaned children, aborted childbirths, and unregenerately celibate men and women populate the world of high modernism with remarkable insistence, all of them suggesting the difficulties of filiation" (WTC 17).
The literature of this period, he argues, is replete with "childless couples, orphaned children, aborted childbirths, and unregenerately celibate men and women," (22) representing to him a crisis in the natural order of authority of that era.
Even though in Lone Star we have a successful, nuanced portrayal of la frontera on film, the condition that Patricia Limerick laments in "The Adventures of the Frontier in the Twentieth Century" still looms large; the traditional story of the frontier, with its simplistic dichotomies and black and white hats, seems to occupy our cultural forebrain and so, lingers unregenerately in our public imagination.