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Synonyms for unregenerate

tenaciously unwilling or marked by tenacious unwillingness to yield

not reformed morally or spiritually

unrepentant and incapable of being reformed


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Rather it was an intellectual misjudgement that lead Arendt to 'an overhasty and dangerous' (p219) dismissal of the coherence and power of the ideological project pursued by Eichmann and other unregenerate Nazis like Sassen:
Difficult as it may be to perceive in the smoke of battle, it is civilization we are building, and its sheer scope will drive the unregenerate to the very edge of their jungle.
So others have preferred, Through hard resolve and soft heart, to live Among the mean and lazy, furtive Stupid ones; and to reform the plan; Or else with hands and brains boldly To cure the sick; never deterred By unregenerate man.
The one who seeks revenge is always in the wrong, from the as yet unregenerate Kate in Taming of the Shrew to the lying Caliban in The Tempest.
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore: Exorcising Hawthorne's Unregenerate Daughter," Carina Pasquesi, Baruch College, City University of New York
The "ultimate crime," it was one of the most potent epithets within a discourse of othering and constituted "irrefutable evidence of an unregenerate animal savagery" (170).
Agrarian beliefs and methods failed so utterly that many of the originators of the movement had largely abandoned their beliefs within only a few years of the movement's inception, and the few that hung on into the 1950s were seen as truly unregenerate, foolish and largely forgotten (the 1980 conference in Nashville honoring the surviving Agrarians and I'll Take My Stand as no less than a "prophetic book" indicates one more positive view [Murphy]).
Cisco s cutting-edge telecom equipment has made it possible to create the world s longest unregenerate data transfer segment in land line networks in commercial operation 2600 km, from Moscow to Yekaterinburg in the first stage of the project.
well, but they were ungrateful, ignoble, unregenerate trash, caricatured
It was in this spirit--at least as much as that of the unregenerate Third-World nationalism of which Aijaz Ahmad (1993) accused Orientalism--that Said criticized the American foreign policy establishment, whether in Orientalism or in his late indictment of Samuel Huntington's "clash of civilizations" thesis.
Such is the condition of ordinary unregenerate man in the reign of multiculturalist liberalism.
This unregenerate masturbator, who obsessively "tossed off" and destroyed his own sexual organ, was named "Toby Tostoff (a ruined Pole).
I suggest that the counter punishments the demons suffer not only reflect the sins the demons have committed in Heaven, but also exhibit these two degrees of punishments that are inflicted on unregenerate human sinners.
Elleke Boehmer in Colonial and Postcolonial Literature has argued that "perspectives on other lands continued to be directed through the prisms of inherited tropes: Utopia, or the lawless wilderness; the Noble Savage, or the unregenerate primitive; the Garden of Eden, and the Holy City.
Unregenerate, my sister & I barely survived Allentown, but our hometown, too, left itself behind.