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  • verb

Synonyms for unreel

to cause (a line) to become longer and less taut

Synonyms for unreel

unwind from or as if from a reel


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UNREEL is an innovator and supplier of real-time 3D production graphics and virtual-set integrated solutions to the global broadcast, corporate, and feature-film markets.
Within weeks, lawsuits began to unreel from the film-finance fiasco faster than the failed films' credits unfurled.
My thoughts would often unreel in dialogue, as if I were speaking to someone, a double, who would receive my words with perfect understanding.
The performing arts season kicks off with American puppeteer Basil Twist's ''Dogugaeshi,'' which uses a Japanese screen-sliding technique to unreel abstract images and patterns of ancient and modern Japan as the stage background.
Indiscriminate fishing practices such as long lining (ships unreel as much as 75 miles of line bristling with hundreds of thousands of baited hooks) and purse seining are stripping the oceans clean of sea life.
But if you live your life with the excitement you did as a kid, you can never look back at your life with unfilled wishes and unreel goals.
This causes the cable to unreel, reenter, and lay iself automatically, entrenching itself as it reaches the surface, so that only a direct nuclear hit will sever it once it's entrenched.
That was an initially funny comeuppance-but, as the show continued to unreel, viewers were dismayed to discover that it was turning out to be a one-trick pony, or a comedy caper with just one 'running gag'-which was elaborated on in only slightly different ways, to the point of satiety.
In single-player-mode, the missions are varied and carefully constructed to unreel the plot of a science- fiction tale even Spielberg couldn't ruin.
If you want a sturdy, inexpensive, well-designed device to quickly coil and release your garden hose, the UnReel is a great choice.
Suddenly, scenes from favorite Hepburn classics began to unreel in her mind: Hepburn and Henry Fonda in ``On Golden Pond,'' Hepburn and Spencer Tracy in ``Adam's Rib,'' ``The African Queen'' with Humphrey Bogart.
The TSS-1 team managed to unreel only 256 meters of this tether before several knotty problems halted all progress, forcing them to retrieve the satellite with its primary scientific goals unaccomplished.
Gareth Jones, who lives and works in Wigan, took the third prize for his poem, Unreel, which uses the idea of a split cassette reel to represent unheard voices.
Tweaking, fine-tuning, allowing a championship season to unreel as if it were somehow inevitable.