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in danger of the eternal punishment of Hell

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We strive to keep redemption rates high, while unredeemed deposits help defray OBRC's $27 million-plus annual operating budget.
Paybon attracts employers by proposing up to 50% savings on transaction fees compared to competitive solutions, as well as eliminating budgetary waste from the estimated 10-20% of physical vouchers that expire or are unredeemed.
Consequently, it found that Giant Eagle could deduct its liability for the earned but unredeemed fuelperks
To the extent that a gift card issuer has had a gift card program for several years, they also need to be aware of state unclaimed property or escheat laws, which might require unredeemed balances to be reported to a given state," she explained.
All unredeemed rewards points expired and the deferred revenue related to the expired points was recognized as USD58.
In contrast, unredeemed gift cards present an accounting challenge because of uncertainty surrounding redemption (Marden & Forsyth, 2007); conceptually, unredeemed gift cards could remain on the balance sheet indefinitely.
Towing and impounding fees will be from P1,000 to P1,800, and P100 to P400 per day with five percent surcharge if unredeemed after five working days, respectively.
In 2013 the value of unredeemed vouchers was PS44,589 but Cardiff Bus has now withdrawn the voucher facility.
Specifically, how does a company account for unredeemed gift cards, some of which may never be redeemed?
That leaves only 25pc which are unredeemed dictatorships.
lt;B>THE REDEEMED WORLD</B> --Maxine Kumin, 1925-2014 In the unredeemed world the poet hangs on a thread like a spider, busy, and the words crowd around like children pulling at a teacher's skirt, or like strawberries whose juice incarnadines fingers and mouth.
Rebates offer deep discounts to shoppers, but $500 million rebate dollars go unredeemed annually.
Amantea sold the patient a package of 10 visits for $230, he would not reimburse her for the six unredeemed visits, according to the complaint.
Unredeemed play credits will expire on 28 February 2014.