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not receptive

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Caption: Can't remember Male flies fed a drug (blue) that interfered with the protein Orb2 were worse at remembering not to woo an unreceptive female than flies that didn't get the drug (gray).
Graphics depict how droves of Chinese fled hateful attitudes encountered in California, only to start laundries and restaurants in other locales that were sometimes as unreceptive to them.
My novice student was unreceptive and, although my wife says she did not hear it, I am certain the lady called me a rude name.
The course, although shorter by our standard, remains tough with unreceptive greens," said Zanie Boy Gialon, who snapped a two-year title spell with a victory in the rain-shortened ICTSI Royal Northwoods last September.
The young man winding his way toward responsible adulthood proves a little too self-congratulatory when he gets there, comparing his manuscript to Pulitzer Prize-winning ones and expressing frustration toward unreceptive publishers.
When a few titles did appear in the 1980s, they were often slapped down by unreceptive critics .
With the threat of microbe mutation becoming more of a reality every year -- thanks to worldwide antibiotic overuse, which is rendering our bodies unreceptive to them -- it is the responsibility of every individual, whether a patient or a medical practitioner, to stem the tide of misuse and overuse before this important discovery becomes obsolete, pushing the medical fraternity to discover the next substitute which, by its own admission, could be a mission impossible.
The conversation ended on amicable terms and even a gentle hint from me that a double ban from Celtic and Rangers running concurrently would be a wonderful distinction to have on my CV fell on unreceptive ears.
I can think of a number of hotels in the region that fare worse than they should for such reasons, with the local municipalities being unreceptive to their pleas to create dedicated turnings.
Washington, July 25 ( ANI ): Male guppies grow claws on their genitals to make it harder for unreceptive females to escape while trying to mate with them, a new study has found.
At least Kirsty is a bit more willing to face reality as she tells Max she's worried about Lauren's health, and then when he proves unreceptive, speaks to the young boozer herself.
There are always going to be budget issues and time constraints and unreceptive supervisors--all kinds of excuses," Wahl says.
After she announced to her very unreceptive parents that she was a lesbian, Shink was kicked out of her house.
Prince Naif invited me to attend a number of his majlises in Jeddah, and I saw him listen, discuss and debate with others, without appearing unreceptive or passive.
The pity was that Lee Westwood might as well have had a rusty shovel in his hands on the greens as his putter neglected to absorb heat and the hole remained tight lipped and unreceptive on too many occasions.