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not receptive

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Washington, July 25 ( ANI ): Male guppies grow claws on their genitals to make it harder for unreceptive females to escape while trying to mate with them, a new study has found.
At least Kirsty is a bit more willing to face reality as she tells Max she's worried about Lauren's health, and then when he proves unreceptive, speaks to the young boozer herself.
Elsewhere, Gina is unreceptive when offered a leaflet about dealing with her father's dementia.
There are always going to be budget issues and time constraints and unreceptive supervisors--all kinds of excuses," Wahl says.
Prince Naif invited me to attend a number of his majlises in Jeddah, and I saw him listen, discuss and debate with others, without appearing unreceptive or passive.
The pity was that Lee Westwood might as well have had a rusty shovel in his hands on the greens as his putter neglected to absorb heat and the hole remained tight lipped and unreceptive on too many occasions.
Writers like Robert Coover are creators of language, while translators merely attempt to convey, to force, to shove some of that creativity through a very narrow funnel into the often unreceptive vessel of the target language.
The defense counsel, led by Frenchman Francois Roux, was equally unreceptive to in absentia trials, although for different reasons than the prosecution.
While commonplace on the Continent, English football has historically been unreceptive to the concept of a director of football.
But Libyans are totally unreceptive to the need to increase pay and the increase has to be entirely absorbed by the foreign party," he added.
As far as recommendations are concerned, the Secretary-General mentioned the duty of the leaders to propel the process forward and defend it against those who would seek to derail it, the duty to inform public opinion so as not to face an unprepared and unreceptive public at the time of the referenda, the expectation that by January 2011 the leaders should be fully prepared with a practical plan for overcoming the major remaining points of disagreement and the belief that parliamentarians and political actors on both sides should more consistently demonstrate their support for the negotiation process.
The Peace award, as often in the past, has stirred international diplomatic conflict, with China accusing the Committee of representing the interests of arrogant Western nations who seek to impose their ideas on an unreceptive world.
Put simply, live import is out of date and I think, like with anything really, people continue to do what they're used to doing and are unreceptive to change