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The Mauritius-Nigeria treaty remains stubbornly unratified by Abuja -- perhaps we will finally see movement after the February presidential election.
We even pick up the tab for the maintenance of those troops, under the unratified (by the President) 2002 Mutual Logistics Support Agreement.
the civil rights laws and the unratified ERA and even, maybe, in
109) Taking constitutional perfection yet further, a number of commentators with widely divergent methodological and normative premises have proposed that Article V has in fact enabled an effective sorting of good, ratified amendments from undesirable, unratified amendments.
90) In addition, little, if any, progress has been made on the issue of Georgia's territorial integrity and NATO membership prospects, the unratified Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty), and Russian calls for more influence within the Euro-Atlantic security architecture.
According to historian Manu Vimalassery, "the language of the unratified treaty bears interest beyond its illumination of the power imbalance between Modocs and the US government" (2011, 1), and certainly the evocation of settlement as the resolution of conflict circulates provocatively in the treaty alongside the notion of "the unsettled country" evoked in its sixth article: "Indians, except in the unsettled country, or when hunting, shall not pack (carry) guns or bows and arrows; shall not bring them into the white settlement, except to get them repaired; and when you come into the settlements you shall leave your guns in camp" (Potter, Keam, and Steele 1999, 1390).
150) Because the need was greatest in the wake of Alvarez-Machain, the 1994 unratified treaty between the United States and Mexico that was created in response to the backlash from that decision serves as a good model.
This unratified treaty and, more particularly, the lack of an international accord that governs ventures in the Arctic will continue to make the region and especially its international waters vulnerable to exploitation by far-ranging nations.
Supreme Court cited the unratified International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to support its conclusion that the Eighth Amendment barred Oklahoma's execution of sixteen-year-old juveniles.
11ac standard remains unratified, chipsets and consumer products are appearing.
See Documents Relating to the Negotiation of Ratified and Unratified Treaties with Various Tribes of Indians, 1801-69, National Archives Microfilm Publications, Record Group 75, microcopy no.
Nor, for that matter, is it decided by unratified treaties.
75) Was an unratified proposal still "alive" after lying in desuetude for more than a century?
An unratified convention of 1857 proposed by the British politician Henry Labouchere would have given official recognition to the gardiens, indicating that the British had indulged the practice all along, but this convention was turned aside by the Newfoundland legislature in one of its first autonomous acts.
In the United States in particular, we reject the concept of "common law crimes," insisting on a criminal code enacted through our constitutional system of legislation, not derived from the statements of international organizations or the contents of unratified treaties, much less the vagaries of customary international law.