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Agreement with the Modoc," February 14, 1864, unratified.
150) Because the need was greatest in the wake of Alvarez-Machain, the 1994 unratified treaty between the United States and Mexico that was created in response to the backlash from that decision serves as a good model.
This unratified treaty and, more particularly, the lack of an international accord that governs ventures in the Arctic will continue to make the region and especially its international waters vulnerable to exploitation by far-ranging nations.
Nor, for that matter, is it decided by unratified treaties.
Thus, an unratified treaty can be declared the "supreme law of the land"--equal to the Constitution itself--through nothing more than the opinions of a legal elite with a vested interested in expanding its own power.
In the United States in particular, we reject the concept of "common law crimes," insisting on a criminal code enacted through our constitutional system of legislation, not derived from the statements of international organizations or the contents of unratified treaties, much less the vagaries of customary international law.
Although more research is underway, the infrasound network being used to do it is under threat: the longer the CTBT remains unratified, the less enthusiastic governments are to keep funding it.
According to the Commission of the Free Zones, affiliated to the Iraqi Ministry of Finance, in July 2007, the prices quoted below (reflecting an exchange rate based on the proposed but yet unratified Iraqi government budget for 2008 which assumes 1,260 Iraqi Dinars to the US Dollar) are indicative of land prices in Iraq?
Sub-Federal Integration of Unratified and Non-Self-Executing Treaty Law,
That process now hinges on protocols for establishing diplomatic relations that have been signed by both governments but unratified by either parliament.
Strauss-Kahn put the onus on the G20 to act on quota reforms that were approved last year but still unratified by a number of countries, including about half of the G20.
Terminate our unilateral test moratorium, leave the CTBT unratified, and establish the international understanding that the CTBT does not apply to the five NPT-approved nuclear-weapon states.
Thinning production slates are, additionally, the result of last year's writers' strike and the yearlong, still unratified contract wrangling between the majors and the Screen Actors Guild.
And he will repeat the Conservative promise to hold a referendum on the Treaty if it remains unratified by any of the EU's 27 states when they win power.