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And yet Mehevi, and other chiefs of unquestionable veracity--to say nothing of the Primate himself--assured me over and over again that Moa Artua was the tutelary deity of Typee, and was more to be held in honour than a whole battalion of the clumsy idols in the Hoolah Hoolah grounds.
Mrs Nickleby might have been stimulated to this proceeding by a lofty sense of duty, and impulses of unquestionable excellence.
This is a dark picture; but how much more shocking is the unquestionable fact, that all the women who appear above twenty years old are massacred in cold blood
On the whole, then, Anglo-Saxon poetry exhibits the limitations of a culturally early age, but it manifests also a degree of power which gives to Anglo-Saxon literature unquestionable superiority over that of any other European country of the same period.
She had worked methodically, rapidly, and well, emptying the drawers, clearing the tables in her special apartment of that big house, with something silently passionate in her thoroughness; taking everything belonging to her and some things of less unquestionable ownership, a jewelled penholder, an ivory and gold paper knife (the house was full of common, costly objects), some chased silver boxes presented by de Barral and other trifles; but the photograph of Flora de Barral, with the loving inscription, which stood on her writing desk, of the most modern and expensive style, in a silver-gilt frame, she neglected to take.
They appear in the biography by his sister, and although their wisdom is unquestionable, the nature of the reforms he suggests render it impossible for them to become popular just now.
While addressing Makarevic reflected on 26 years of BiH independence and challenges ahead, our unquestionable European and NATO path.
Lawrence Soja-Anyembugu, has advised Nigerians to take advantage of the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) to register in order to vote for leaders with proven integrity and unquestionable characters in the 2019 general elections.
Summary: Sydney [Australia], Jan 20 (ANI): Former Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi has urged Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios to find a coach for himself if he wants to fulfil his unquestionable potential.
important we Moeen - he game away The talent and of Moeen unquestionable.
We would request Congress that for the questionable COCs, i-set aside muna natin para mabigyan ng daan yung mga unquestionable COC na pwede na i-canvass (they should be set aside so the unquestionable COC could be canvassed).
Featuring interviews with experts and former trainers, the film builds a profoundly moving and unquestionable case against these intelligent mammals being held in captivity.
She's impressed us all with her strength and longevity, her resilience and her unquestionable dedication to duty which continues unabated.
ISLAMABAD, September 28, 2009 (Frontier Star): Interior minister Rehman Malik has directed the concerned authorities to issue quick, unquestionable and timely visas for overseas Pakistanis, holding dual nationalities.
2 : unmistakable, unquestionable <a decisive victory>