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not suitable for publication


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So, four books that had been available but unpublishable during these 10 censored years all emerged at once.
Catching his reflection in the window of a shop, he remembers himself as he had been passing the same way three years earlier, before his affair with Esther and before writing the unpublishable novel, and is shocked at the change.
make entertaining, though probably unpublishable, reading.
Festschrifts generally deserve shortshrift by the book-buying public, the spectacle of the unpublishable contributed by the unscrupulous to be foisted on the unsuspecting being neither edifying nor diverting.
5) JoAnn Cannon has also noted that "although Pereira initially plays the part of mentor [for Monteiro Rossi], it gradually becomes apparent their roles have been inverted: it is Pereira who ultimately comes to appreciate Monteiro Rossi's unpublishable eulogies and to learn from the younger man's unflinching candour" (The Novel as Investigation 78).
My agent at the time told me the book was unpublishable, and that I should go back to writing crime novels.
The idea marinated in my mind for the next six years while I finished off an unpublishable novel.
But Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus judged the work unpublishable because of its immorality and the fact that the French text was peppered with Italian.
The overwhelming majority of it was shoddy, irrelevant, and unpublishable.
I tried to publish an essay on ethnicity in the 1980s; I was told, then, that the piece was unpublishable because nobody was interested in the topic any more.
For the purposes of this Article, the terms negative results and failed experiment are used interchangeably to include experiments that do not work as planned as well as orphan or abandoned results--experiments that yield positive results but are deemed unpublishable by the researcher.
Ask the man in the street and you will get an unpublishable answer.
Epstein ventures various sociological explanations: gossip is a means of showcasing our wit, establishing intimacy, transmitting unpublishable truths, demonstrating our insider-ness, and, of course, expressing sheer delicious spite.
But the ex-agent-now-editor quit to become, I believe, a travel agent, and when Putnam was offered The Universal Baseball Association Coover was accused of pulling something totally unpublishable out of his desk drawers, and the book had to find a new publisher.
We already refused other visuals for this film that seemed unpublishable to us," the company said in a statement - without elaborating on what those images contained.