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not provocative



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All of which presents the critic (or at least this critic) with a specific challenge: How can one engage with buildings that, in their modesty, shun engagement, that consistently aim for such unprovocative goals as refinement, quality, and urbanity?
Livni has hardly ever mentioned Iran in public comments, and has been exceedingly mild and unprovocative when she has mentioned Iran.
When Les Moonves presided over CBS' executive session, reporters came away sated with his piercing analysis of the state of the industry; Tassler is assiduously unprovocative.
The unprovocative profiles described "Jane" as a typical teenager into music, dancing and hoping to make some new friends of her own age.
The Price of Peace is generalist and a bit unprovocative.
Another sign that MEPs themselves are still divided on the question is the fact that the ECON committee rejected two, unprovocative amendments submitted by Wolf Klinz (ALDE, Germany).
The subject, after all, is a plain vase of roses, and to insure no misunderstanding, our artist has given the new work the self-evidently unprovocative title, Vase of Roses.
Professional association presidential addresses are usually unprovocative and, lets be honest, boring.
Air Canada, at my initiative, I called up Air Canada about a week before we went to press just to give them the head's up we're doing the cartoons in a tasteful, unprovocative way.
Several scenes were re-shot and "The Male Prostitutes" was re-released innocuously in November 1974 under the unprovocative title "Men" (phu-chai) (Thai Rath, 2 November 1974, p.
Mr Ingram's unprovocative, workmanlike performance had succeeded in keeping the House of Commons in relative serenity, throughout his speech, which was something both Mr Blair and Mr Hoon had signally failed to do earlier this week.
If you don't know Olerud, he is grass growing, paint drying, a sports writer's graveyard, distributing unprovocative comments, combining ho-hum with humdrum and adding a dash of dull.
I mean, are all female guests instructed to wear unprovocative loose-fitting clothes around Michael?