unprovided for

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without income or means

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not prepared or ready for

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On 9 February 1802, just over seven months after he had returned home, Johnson wrote to Lord Hobart, noting that he had left NSW in October 1800 and arrived in England in May 1801, and that he had been unprovided for since.
The sinking fund is a bookkeeping contrivance, by means of which we can easily tell how much has been provided toward payment of the debt, and it is an offset to the debt, so as to show by taking the difference between the debt and the sinking fund account the amount of the debt unprovided for.
As it is, too many moves of Black are unprovided for.
He had offered her a less than warm welcome, as his sister complained: 'What did you give my Child when she was here last June, did you ask her to Dinner, in short did you act as an Uncle or a Christian to a poor unprotected unprovided for Girl who had not been brought up to think of Labor and, Alas
In 1861, she called attention to the number of "husbands and fathers who have been obliged to seek occupations at a distance, or enlist as soldiers in the service of the country, leaving helpless families unprovided for in the coming winter and wholly dependent on the beneficence of their fellow citizens.
15) Retributivists could also agree that we should not devote so many resources to the pursuit of criminal justice that our schools are left impoverished or our elderly of ill unprovided for.
With their superior training and strong local traditions, Italian musicians were numerous enough to accept employment abroad in great numbers without leaving their own country unprovided for.
especially our citie of London, and even our owne Court, are many times unprovided for their necessary dyet .
When the authors speak of "treating like cases alike" or "equal treatment under the law," they seem to be saying, uncontroversially, that a rule must be applied to all the cases to which it is applicable, that there must be no positive or negative deviations in treatment between such cases according to arbitrary whim, fear, or favor unprovided for in the rule itself.
Whereas there does exist in our country an excitement in respect to our colored population, and fears are entertained that on the one hand, they will be left unprovided for, as the means of a proper education, and on the other that they will in unsuitable numbers be introduced in our schools, and thus in effect forced into the Society of the whites, & the state of public opinion is such as to require from the Board some definite expression on the subject, therefore
Coming from the poor family of a Silesian beer-brewer, with very little education and having passed some of her youth in the proverbial pastoral occupation of a 'Rinderhirtin', she eventually moved to the Prussian capital and supported herself and her family (left unprovided for by her alcoholic second husband) by the production and performance of poems for weddings, funerals, and in celebration of Frederick the Great's victories.