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not affording protection


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There was no child in pregnant group MN with an unprotective level of Hib antibody.
The period of most severe depression in each case correlated with losing contact and/or connection with their most significant parent, albeit an unprotective, emotionally abusive relationship.
In spite of government's efforts in the provision of health care system, the adolescent population remains unprotective in their health practice.
These locations have equally exposed the adolescents to unprotective sexual intercourse such that they have turned out to be victims of rape or new entrants into unholy social relationship.
Leo I "instructed [bishops] on the need for secrecy in confessions in order to safeguard the reputation of the penitent and to promote greater reconciliation between God and people"); Anthony Merlino, Tightening the Seal: Protecting the Catholic Confessional from Unprotective Priest-Penitent Privileges, 32 SETON HALL L.
15) In fact, her grim depiction of hard labor, harsh treatment, high mortality rates, inadequate avenues of redress, a generally unprotective legal system, and the frequency of violent interaction with each other and especially with Asian workers, leads one to categorize this part of her book as unambiguously counter-revisionist.
In light of the large number of sources that are likely to affect ambient air-quality levels in the downwind state, this approach is quite unprotective of the interests of downwind states.
Thus, there is a risk that all of the language regarding what is not participation in management will be interpreted as unprotective of lenders.
Because of the bankruptcy discharge, a liability-based regime is simple, but unprotective of privacy promises.
He proves to be a most ungenerous and unprotective host (1,26; 2,11-15; 3,7; 3,12).