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Synonyms for unpropitious

bringing, predicting, or characterized by misfortune

Antonyms for unpropitious

not propitious

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It was some time before he obtained any answer, and the reply, when made, was unpropitious.
Sowerberry looking up, with a peculiarly unpropitious aspect, he stopped short.
Also, Sanders very soon learned that it was a most unpropitious time for the setting afloat of a new enterprise.
The next was a very unpropitious morning for a journey-- muggy, damp, and drizzly.
That was an unpropitious hour for coming home: it was too early to gain the moral support under ennui of dressing his person for dinner, and too late to undress his mind of the day's frivolous ceremony and affairs, so as to be prepared for a good plunge into the serious business of study.
With no strong constituency supporting his efforts, McIntosh faced a hand to mouth existence; incremental, ad hoc change rather than a planned programme was the order of the day, and his efforts in building up the department in such unpropitious circumstances were all the more creditable for this fact.
While using, and perhaps hiding behind, the language of Lenin's reflection theory, he could express democratic ideals while "sidestepping" the unpropitious realities of the Stalinist system and creating myths of popular consciousness that would have shocked, or even amused, his conservative subject, Walter Scott.
If Mr Blair appeared somewhat strained on the steps of Number 10 on Tuesday, it was probably because he was wondering why he was even holding an election in such unpropitious circumstances.
It seemed an unpropitious little place at first sight, with no particular view and not much of a garden, standing in the shadow of the high walls of the villa owned by Madame Beaufre, the widow of the French General who had been Deputy Commander of NATO.
The separate chapter on Australia's internationally prominent Robert Menzies, however, commands notice as a fresh account of that remarkable man's progress from an unpropitious early relationship with Churchill to the status of `Worldwide Leader of the Churchill Appreciation Society'.
In an unpropitious moment, he declared that the painter was "the DharmaBody manifested in the bourgeois bedroom.
36) To anyone involved in decisions over optimal land use in such unpropitious terrain, Smith's remarks about the respective returns on investment in arable and pastoral production must have had particularly powerful resonance.
Hellebores have been one of the outstanding successes of an unpropitious border in my garden - it catches the chilliest east winds, suffers too much shade from the house and is impoverished by a nearby hedge.
No one looks forward to the prospect of internecine warfare at so unpropitious a political moment.