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Synonyms for unprocessed

in a natural state and still not prepared for use

Synonyms for unprocessed

not refined or processed

not altered from an original or natural state

not treated or prepared by a special process

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Infants fed on unprocessed milk were found to have lower levels of the Creactive protein, which is a measure of inflammation status.
Meanwhile, production of unprocessed and semi-processed silver amounted to 446.
The risk of heart failure or death among those who ate unprocessed red meat didn't increase.
However, Brumby said the ban on exports of unprocessed minerals is a good policy.
During their deliberations, convention delegates heard the science regarding unprocessed (raw) milk, university studies, consumer reports, and testimonials; they discussed the success of the emerging raw milk market and the health benefits of unprocessed dairy products.
1) A three-variable VAR model (henceforth referred to as VAR-TOTAL because it includes total food) using the PPI for unprocessed foodstuffs and feedstuffs, the PPI for finished consumer food, and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for total food was estimated with monthly data from January 1980 through May 2011.
Eating twice that amount of unprocessed red meat, a portion about the size of a deck of cards, led to a 19 pre cent greater likelihood of diabetes.
How much more weight was gained from eating unprocessed red meats than processed meats?
Three categories of samples namely; unprocessed, tyre-processed and hot water-processed cattle skins were used in the study.
Drop in meat prices also contributed to decrease in annual inflation in unprocessed good prices," the bank said.
Burning unprocessed biological material such as wood and dried animal dung may also produce high concentrations of endotoxin, but there is limited information on endotoxin levels in these homes.
But the same study found that eating unprocessed red meat did not increase risk.
8 mln tons of unprocessed steel in the last 9 months, showing a 4% increase in comparison with the same period last year, the Iranian Mines and Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO) announced on Sunday.
In a bid to combat the flies that infest the area, the Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) has recently announced a campaign to ban the use of all unprocessed organic fertilizers in Ghor.