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Synonyms for unprincipled

Synonyms for unprincipled

lacking scruples or principles

Antonyms for unprincipled

lacking principles or moral scruples

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having little or no integrity

References in classic literature ?
The blacks are so unprincipled themselves that they can imagine no such thing as principle or honor in others, and especially do these blacks distrust an Englishman whom the Germans have taught them to believe are the most treacherous and degraded of people.
But to become monarch of England,'' said his Ahithophel coolly, ``it is necessary not only that your Grace should endure the transgressions of these unprincipled marauders, but that you should afford them your protection, notwithstanding your laudable zeal for the laws they are in the habit of infringing.
James II, the bigoted successor of Charles the Voluptuous, had annulled the charters of all the colonies, and sent a harsh and unprincipled soldier to take away our liberties and endanger our religion.
The list was headed, as usual, by the name of Sylvie, that plain, quiet little girl I have described before as being at once the best and ugliest pupil in the establishment; the second place had fallen to the lot of a certain Leonie Ledru, a diminutive, sharp-featured, and parchment-skinned creature of quick wits, frail conscience, and indurated feelings; a lawyer-like thing, of whom I used to say that, had she been a boy, she would have made a model of an unprincipled, clever attorney.
Don't talk in that dreadfully unprincipled manner--don't, I implore, I insist
if I may use such an expression) were "birds of a feather," so far as I could see--I mean, one was as unprincipled as the other.
They're so aggravating, so unprincipled, so spiteful--unless there's apoplexy in the family, Fred, you can't calculate upon 'em, and even then they deceive you just as often as not.
She showed how her marriage with Rawdon Crawley had always been viewed by the family with feelings of the utmost hostility; how her sister-in-law (an artful woman) had poisoned her husband's mind against her; how he had formed odious connections, which had estranged his affections from her: how she had borne everything--poverty, neglect, coldness from the being whom she most loved--and all for the sake of her child; how, finally, and by the most flagrant outrage, she had been driven into demanding a separation from her husband, when the wretch did not scruple to ask that she should sacrifice her own fair fame so that he might procure advancement through the means of a very great and powerful but unprincipled man--the Marquis of Steyne, indeed.
She quivered with indignation at the account of the conduct of the miserable Rawdon and the unprincipled Steyne.
I have talked with Eliza about her boy--her duty to him as a Christian mother, to watch over him, pray for him, and bring him up in a Christian way; and now what can I say, if you tear him away, and sell him, soul and body, to a profane, unprincipled man, just to save a little money?
But it will be urged that these shocking unprincipled wretches are cannibals.
Lying, guilty, unprincipled ruthless exploiters of the vulnerable such as deviant Worboys should be required to repay legal aid.
It shows beyond a shadow of doubt that the selection process was an unprincipled manipulation or fix by the Plaid leadership of imposing their favoured candidate upon the Llanelli constituency.
Separate electoral competitions led to unprincipled cooperation between the Alliance for Albanians and the other Albanian opposition party and BDI with one Macedonian party.
The Government of the Russian Federation supports the draft law on condition that it is finalized on the basis of observations of an unprincipled nature.