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Limitations of the study: It is retrospective study and unpreventable impacts of social, economical, personal and ethnic factors on our results.
The report, submitted to the National Assembly, also examined the January 2015 attacks against the "Charlie Hebdo" satirical magazine and a Jewish supermarket here, attacks which killed 17 people and three terrorists, but found no major flaw in police action in those attacks that were viewed as unpreventable.
Removing the affected fallopian tube (salpingectomy) is justified, because the direct intention is to save the mother's life--the fetal death being an unintended but unpreventable effect.
A lawyer for Cinemark said after the verdict that Holmes, armed with a semiautomatic rifle, shotgun and pistol, "was completely unpredictable, unforseeable, unpreventable and unstoppable.
Chief scientist at Age UK James Goodwin said yesterday: "Brain deterioration is seen as inevitable and unpreventable.
For Turkey, news of this sectarian clash intimates an unpreventable and uncontrollable destruction.
The report into the killer's death made no recommendations to the jail as Mr Newcomen concluded Whiteman's death was unpredictable and unpreventable.
Therefore, priority setting in the healthcare has emerged as an unpreventable task, though it is not restricted to the circumstances of scarce resources.
Therefore, when dying is unpreventable, family members need to discuss the medical care based on patient's previous wishes like those wanted to experience aggressive management or palliative care without suffering.
The patient developed an unpreventable adverse reaction to the mesh.
An organization's vulnerability to these disastrous events depends on geographical, geological, and meteorological factors that may be unpredictable and unpreventable.
Shoulder dystocia: the unpreventable obstetric emergency with empiric management guidelines.
It is supported by Montante with his quotation about Domino Theory, which states that the workplace accidents statistic is caused by unsafe acts or behaviors (88%), unsafe conditions (10%) and unpreventable factors (2%) (Montante, 2008).
Many say that the condition is embarrassing and a clear-cut sign of getting older, and most agree that it's an unpreventable fate.
But more than a year later, we should recognize the folly of trying to explain the inexplicable or prevent the unpreventable.