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Synonyms for unpretentious

Synonyms for unpretentious

not elaborate or showy, as in appearance or style

Synonyms for unpretentious

lacking pretension or affectation

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not ostentatious

exhibiting restrained good taste

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There's a time and a place time and a for the for the unpretentious and traditional - and this is it.
6 This is a nice chilled out and unpretentious event if you're not doing anything next weekend.
Chaos theories are given a good going over in an unpretentious thriller.
Cooper plays Kyle as an unpretentious redneck, brought up with guns and with a simple view about good and evil.
A TRIBUTE TO OUR QUEEN Elizabeth, Queen and mother Of a family and a nation God's gift of one unique and rare In creation A guiding light, by day and night In sorrow and in joy A strength of love to share with each In every way Her love of life and life of love Shining through her eyes Like tinted gold reflecting feeling In a world of enterprise Unpretentious, unoffending She has had her share of wrath Like the master, never ending Our ambassador of love Like a star forever shining In the sky, her brightness glows Elizabeth: our Queen forever Our English rose.
The aim is the abbey looks unpretentious and simple and natural and that it reflects the fact that Catherine is a country girl at heart and that the couple are the best of British.
The Archbishop of Canterbury, who will marry Prince William and Kate Middleton on April 29 has said how he had been struck by their wedding preparations, describing the couple as courageous and unpretentious.
In pointing terms Cothelstone is an unpretentious track, opened just 15 years ago and the stage for three meetings.
The redesigned branches are intended to be pleasant, unpretentious places where customers can linger and learn something about financial products.
For us, Sheikh Ahmed was very humble and unpretentious, highly accurate and realistic in organizing and planning," said ADIA colleagues quoted by state news agency WAM.
Melbourne, February 10 (ANI): Jennifer Aniston was full of praises while talking about The Bounty Hunter co-star Gerard Butler and described him as "the most unpretentious guy".
Recently nominated as 'Designer of the Future' by Design Miami/Basel, Nendo has designed an unpretentious but witty collection for Quodes.
GILES PETERSON Shape Shifters, Liquid, Cardiff Tel: 029 2064 5464 UNPRETENTIOUS presenter, label boss, renowned club DJ and wearer of natty hats.
Campaign advertisements reflect a young adult demographic and reach out to hip, urban consumers in the 25 to 35 age range, which is identified as the perfect customers for Beaujolais--"an unpretentious, easy-drinking, crowd pleasing" red wine, officials say.
Gentle, realistic-style color illustrations bring to life this unpretentious picturebook about the joy of hearth and home.