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not ostentatious

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happened to lie uppermost, so I took it away to my own seat to occupy the time, while my unpretending bit of fish was frying.
Or you might wake, to-morrow morning, with a sense of something wanting, and even this unpretending volume might be able to supply it.
The Heywoods were a thoroughly respectable family, and every possible attention was paid in the kindest and most unpretending manner, to both husband and wife.
60) Vaughan Williams wrote that Holst's arrangement of the songs from Gardiner's collection 'must have come as rather a shock to those accustomed to the unpretending harmonies of English County Songs or Folk Songs from Somerset'.
unpretending and extremely dry," Jones observes, "combined more of the useful, the wise, the pleasant and innocent than any man we ever knew, he was truly "as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove'"(298).
There was first the style, always simple, refined, and unpretending, and without a touch of anything which could be called rhetoric; but always marked by a depth of feeling which evidently sprang from the heart and experience of the speaker, and penetrated by a suppressed vein of the poetry which was so strong a feature in Newman's mind, and which appealed at once to the hearts and highest feelings of his hearers.
I know no one more entitled, by unpretending merit, or better prepared by habitual suffering, to receive and enjoy felicity" (250-51).
More significantly, like Tristram in this scene, the butterflies vanish; their elusive delicacy reflects his odd bodilessness in this "sylvan scene of unpretending enjoyment" (Letters, 4:239).
But he also described it as "a minute, unpretending tear of the clouds--as it were--a lonely pool, shivering in the breezes of the mountains, and sending its limpid surplus through Feldspar Brook to the Opalescent River, the well-spring of the Hudson.
Wordsworth's unpretending Muse, in russet guise, scales the summits of reflection, while it makes the round earth its footstool, and its home
The Times of London faintly praised the 72 resolutions of the 1864 Quebec Conference, describing them as possessing "a practical and unpretending style.
29) According to Astell, when a man "appears with all the modesty and submission of an humble and unpretending admirer," that is precisely when a woman should suspect that he "nourishes the hope of being [her] lord and master.
making planetary movements in the provinces, he is about becoming a fixed star at the Surrey side of the metropolis; where, though a modest and unpretending light, we opine he will yet shine with no ordinary radiance.
Hunt writes that 'the exquisite delicacy of the workmanship and the unpretending character of the invention made us feel we could not overestimate the perfection of the painting, at least that of John van Eyck' (Hunt, I, 193).