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Synonyms for unpremeditated

acting or happening without apparent forethought, prompting, or planning

Antonyms for unpremeditated

not prepared or planned in advance

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not premeditated

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Prosperous men take a little vengeance now and then, as they take a diversion, when it comes easily in their way, and is no hindrance to business; and such small unimpassioned revenges have an enormous effect in life, running through all degrees of pleasant infliction, blocking the fit men out of places, and blackening characters in unpremeditated talk.
The stranger, who had been interested in the course of her sermon as if it had been the development of a drama--for there is this sort of fascination in all sincere unpremeditated eloquence, which opens to one the inward drama of the speaker's emotions--now turned his horse aside and pursued his way, while Dinah said, "Let us sing a little, dear friends"; and as he was still winding down the slope, the voices of the Methodists reached him, rising and falling in that strange blending of exultation and sadness which belongs to the cadence of a hymn.
Even now, coming round by the Sol's Arms with the intention of passing down the court, and out at the Chancery Lane end, and so terminating his unpremeditated after-supper stroll of ten minutes' long from his own door and back again, Mr.
It was a part of him, the breath of his soul as it were, involuntary and unpremeditated.
My dear Bunny, it was the most unpremeditated thing I ever did in my life
Remember, too, that this proposal of mine was quite unpremeditated.
They were all rather yellow and dirty, with four-day beards, and they grouped themselves in the tired, unpremeditated manner of men on a wreck.
Husain, like Percy Bysshe Shelley's skylark, offers us 'profuse strains of unpremeditated art.
How in the midst of all this I came to read and enjoy Bruce Springsteen's autobiography, Born to Run, I can't explain other than to say that part of the pleasure of now having so much time at my disposal to read whatever comes my way invites unpremeditated surprises.
It is consistent with the jury's verdict, and the evidence heard was this offence was committed in a sudden and unpremeditated outburst of frustration," Mr O'Sullivan told the court.
We arrived at the opinion that a certain compromise was in place, with the system being formed not only by means of directives from above, but also by the sedulity, either deliberate or unpremeditated, on the part of the individuals, whereby an essential role was played by the distribution and embracement of a specific language, "speaking Bolshevik".
How can you explain, asked Jovanovic, those absolutely unpremeditated actions that save one's life, those inner voices that warn us suddenly, those precognitive or psychic dreams, that insane series of coincidences causing a friend or a total stranger who had no business being on the spot at the crucial moment to intervene and avert a catastrophe?
Effect of flumazenil on recovery from anesthesia and the bispectral index after sevoflurane/fentanyl general anesthesia in unpremeditated patients.
Bird thou never wert, / That from Heaven, or near it, / Pourest thy full heart / In profuse strains of unpremeditated art.