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Synonyms for unpremeditated

acting or happening without apparent forethought, prompting, or planning

Antonyms for unpremeditated

not prepared or planned in advance

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not premeditated

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Her first surprise and bewilderment at so wholly unpremeditated an act gave way to consternation as she considered its consequences.
With a tired sigh, and with an impulsive movement all her own, unpremeditated, spasmodic, she rested her head upon his breast.
It was a part of him, the breath of his soul as it were, involuntary and unpremeditated.
It was a careless, unpremeditated glance, one of those haphazard things men do when they have no immediate call to do anything in particular, but act because they are alive and must do something.
My dear Bunny, it was the most unpremeditated thing I ever did in my life
He could not understand this unprovoked aggressiveness of her attitude, and certainly was very far from thinking that an unpremeditated hint of something resembling emotion in the tone of his last words had caused that uncontrollable burst of sincerity.
Prosperous men take a little vengeance now and then, as they take a diversion, when it comes easily in their way, and is no hindrance to business; and such small unimpassioned revenges have an enormous effect in life, running through all degrees of pleasant infliction, blocking the fit men out of places, and blackening characters in unpremeditated talk.
A Doha court ruled that the man was guilty of unpremeditated killing.
Kean's style of acting" was "throughout elaborate and systematic" and "not in the least of the unpremeditated, improvisatori kind.
In early 2012, after years of legal proceedings, all the Marine Corps had to show for its immense prosecutorial efforts was one conviction for one Marine who pled guilty to one specification of negligent dereliction of duty after initially being charged with 18 specifications of unpremeditated murder.
Mr Walker said: "It was a single unpremeditated assault with a history of some provocation, of comments made and insults thrown.
She read a translation (the older, better one, by Norman Thomas di Giovanni) of the Jorge Luis Borges essay "Borges and I" as an example and point of departure for her talk about her own unpremeditated process of writing stories and novels, like feeling her way through them.
The points should be in the spectrum of -10 to 10, with -10 meaning Skullduggery and 10 meaning unpremeditated error.
TEHRAN - An Iranian policeman has been sentenced to three years in jail, 74 lashes and two years' internal exile for the unpremeditated killing of a blogger in 2012, media reported Saturday.
Acton said that this was a "first unconscious, unpremeditated step in the process of detachment" by Dollinger, and that in it "the historian has begun to prevail over the divine.