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having no predictive value

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However, climate and weather influence mosquito populations and arboviral recrudescence in complex ways; simple generalizations about weather have had poor predictive value for SLE forecasting and will likely be equally unpredictive for WN virus forecasting in any given area (48,49).
In IOR studies the cue is unpredictive of subsequent target location: subjects are informed of this and encouraged to ignore the irrelevant cue throughout the experiment.
In practice, remedial preferences are normally available only if an individual applicant documents specific ways in which discrimination has made her academic record unpredictive of her long-term potential.
an academic discipline that informs management practice using unproductive, unpredictive, or dead theories, assumptions, and principles applied to current business and economic problems; the problem identified by Keynes in 1937 that has since been ignored in the selective quoting of his work.
By exalting test scores and unpredictive differences in G.
forced to elevate unpredictive test scores* and abandon the criteria that best account for many of the systemic barriers.
This results in reproducible but nonfunctional and unpredictive results; that is, many false positives and some false negatives.
According to this hypothesis both facilitation and IOR are reduced with practice because as subjects learn that the cue is unpredictive they habituate to it, thus reducing the attentional capture that it produces.