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Synonyms for unpracticed

not tested or proved

lacking experience and the knowledge gained from it

Synonyms for unpracticed

not having had extensive practice

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division and BCT staffs remain relatively unpracticed in planning shaping operations to support U.
His characters are not modified by customs of particular places, unpracticed by the rest of the world; by the peculiarities of studies or professions which can operate but upon small numbers; or by the accidents of transient fashions or temporary opinions; they are the genuine progeny of common humanity, such as the world will always supply, and observation will always find.
We give the pupils the technical drill, but leave the most difficult part of the problem--its practical application--almost unpracticed (1924, pp.
But the full sum of me Is sum of something, which to term in gross Is an unlessoned girl, unschooled, unpracticed.
This procedure creates three types of items: practiced items--the items recovered in the retrieval practice phase (Rp+); competitive items--the items from the practiced categories that were not practiced in the retrieval practice phase (Rp-); and, baseline items--the items that belong to the unpracticed categories (Nrp).
It could be stated, according to the case-study in this book, that another interesting and peculiar, highly controversial situation is that of post-Soviet Russia, where "religion seems appreciated and unpracticed, revered and feared, symbolically significant and institutionally weak" (19).
In short, unpracticed student experimenters are likely to be more error-prone than more extensively trained observers.
This in turn creates low demand for the luxury quality which leads to unpracticed craftspeople producing jewelry for the masses, despite it being Lebanon's number one export.
What followed was several days of unpracticed numbness, familiar faces, wise ministers, of grieving mothers, of bugles and rifles and folded flags, and the last thing on my mind was the show, but the day after the funeral my instincts drew me back to my work, back to my theatre family, and I think part of this need to return and face an audience was self-applied therapy.
The breasts he longed for, to nurse him back to his former self, although he knew it could never be: "however sexually disabled, however sexually unpracticed I was after eleven years away, the drive excited by meeting Jamie had madly reasserted itself as the animating force.
Imran Khan has the vision to help and facilitate deprived masses which was left unpracticed by the former premier Zulifqar Ali Bhutto.
I'm sure a few unpracticed ladies and gents were sped on their way to heaven just trying to get off their first, desperate shot with a Remington Double Derringer.
James Wood criticizes novelists who open their novel by focusing on a sort of shopping list of character traits: "The unpracticed novelist cleaves to the static, because it is much easier to describe than the mobile: it is getting these people out of the aspic of arrest and mobilized in a scene that is hard" (96).
A rifle range is likened to a church when Bartle tells us: "The voices of the range cadre barked out through the mist like an unpracticed choir.