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Antonyms for unpopularity

the quality of lacking general approval or acceptance

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Zuma's increasing unpopularity among South Africans may have hurt the ANC in local elections in 2016, and this may not be a risk some in the party will be willing to take in 2019.
These developments come in the wake of Dar's rising unpopularity after facing not only corruptions scandals but growing calls from opposition parties for his resignation as finance minister.
The Cabinet wants him to spend loadsamoney without adding to Theresa May's unpopularity by raising any.
That's how the public see it" - Labour MP Simon Danczuk saying that his party leader's unpopularity would cost him votes in Rochdale.
Allardyce has enjoyed a rocky partnership with Hammers' co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold since he took the Upton Park job in June 2011, while his unpopularity with fans has fuelled stories about his possible demise.
The voters' swing toward Labor was credited to the unpopularity of the ruling party's plan to sell off public assets and cut government services, as well as the rising unpopularity of Abbott, the national conservative leader.
Despite his unpopularity as a liberal opposition Navalny will remain in house arrest until his suspended sentence takes legal effect.
Leadership is sadly lacking ONCE again The Labour Party is under attack due to the unpopularity of Ed Miliband, who voters don't believe can lead the party into a victory in 2015.
Egypt spends more than 20% of its budget on energy subsidies though successive governments have failed to carry promises to tackle the issue due to the unpopularity of the measure.
Citi s chief economist Willem Buiter said, the nation should be prepared to risk short term unpopularity in Europefor the long term economic gains of winning back 60 billion to 30 billion for taxpayers.
In spite of Michael Gove's unpopularity, it would be hard to make the case for lower standards in education.
Risking unpopularity, taking the flak, is what archbishops are here for - it is the stuff of the job," he says.
Facing increasing unpopularity, it looks like he felt he needed to throw some crumbs in the direction of the general public.
Lievremont, though, says England's unpopularity invokes a siege mentality which makes them difficult to beat.
In the current political climate, given the coalition government's unpopularity, Labour must expect to win a Birmingham mayoral election.