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situated at or extending to great depth

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It's simpler to write about an animal than a human being, it's true, and the deepest enigmas in Zamperini's story remain unplumbed by Hillenbrand.
He acknowledges both the power and the abiding mystery of the town, questioning, "Did those ancient, unplumbed warrens teem with a twisted, uncatalogued, and unsuspected life?
In the very utterance, the very confessing, we reach hitherto unplumbed depths of emotion and realization.
IT'S a reasonable parental assumption that medical students will, eventually, write prescriptions, break bad news and insert their fingers in orifices normally left unplumbed.
I was loving this spirt of activity, so to top it all off I got under the sink with a wrench of some sort and unplumbed my sink.
Implicit--though within the unplumbed shadows--in Dubrow's
Armed only with a refrain, hastened on by galloping couplets, and perhaps a tune lifted here or there, the folk-ballad plays host to such "slippy" histories, accommodating between their banks a depth unplumbed by official chronologies.
The tale of an unknown Coorgi princess adopted by the Queen and the exiled and effete Maharaja Duleep Singh has rescued an unplumbed world from history's footnotes in a decade when everyone's obsessed with vision of what lies ahead.
Kinsella has introduced a subliminal contrast with this meaning, emphasizing the alienness to humanity of what Matthew Arnold elsewhere called '[t]he unplumbed, salt, estranging sea' (3) Arnold was using the ocean, differently from Kinsella, as a metaphor for the mutual isolation even of intimates, which is an important subject in littoral thematics: the sea is, on the one hand, like human life lived in time, with its repeated rhythms.
Yet the novel resists, or perhaps we should say evades, even the most ardent theorists' efforts to contain it; much of The Sound and the Fury's total accomplishment remains unplumbed.
Fisher's work is smart and meditative, and always reaching to find unplumbed meanings and symbols.
In 2001-02, Argentine fortunes reached depths hitherto unplumbed.
The fact that the NDP was to receive six Cabinet positions should be sufficient to plunge the loonie to unplumbed depths.
Moreover, as Robert Kawashima has demonstrated, these scribes did not have the linguistic ability to represent consciousness and thus could not imply an unplumbed depth-of-consciousness in the way that the most accomplished biblical authors were able to do.