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situated at or extending to great depth

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Yes, trash) with Jones for clerk" (147)--until Judith "sold the store at last and spent the money for a tombstone" (152)--beyond which lies "the irrevocable and unplumbable finality" (142), a process echoing the manner in which the Colonel grows old, "with a kind of condensation, an anguished emergence of the primary indomitable ossification which the soft color and texture, the light electric aura of youth, had merely temporarily assuaged but never concealed" (151)--the irrevocable revelation/apocalypse of the tombstone--the skeleton within.
For reasons so deep as to be unplumbable, it is mothers, more than other adults in a child's life, who experience the felt need to police what their children eat and to cajole and order them into eating as the mother believes they "should.
When, in The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud recognized that the 'concealed meaning' of parts of his dream of Irma's injection still eluded him, he consoled himself with the observation that 'there is at least one spot in every dream at which it is unplumbable -- a navel, as it were, that is its point of contact with the unknown' (Standard Edition, iv, 111, n.
Somewhere between the madness of our caste system, the poverty of an ungiving environment, the combined violence of the Portuguese, Dutch, British and Sinhala states, we have simply lost our bearings, cast off along an unknown coastline, face-to-face against some turbulent, rolling, unplumbable deep.
The depth of this grief seems unplumbable, yet Rossini unflinchingly goes on, recording, in the midst of loss, the weight of the other world: