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pull the plug of (electrical appliances) and render inoperable


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Art, Fashion and Supercars aside, guests can revel in the fact that they are unplugging for a cause.
Simply unplugging devices when not in use can help you better manage your energy use and monthly savings.
He begins unplugging himself from the government's surveillance system--removing the screens from his apartment, the GPS chips from his skin, and "every other machine with meddling capabilities.
Overheating is one of the main causes of fires involving electrical goods, and can be avoided by simply switching off the power at the wall socket and unplugging the appliance.
For Felicia, unplugging coincided with changes in her own values and motherhood.
Coventry Unplugged III features the sonic mass that is Jesus Deluxe, this time unplugging themselves completely and aiming to prove that those monumental "dark cathedrals of sound" are just as achievable on an entirely acoustic basis.
The practice of unplugging appliances may also help reduce damage to them in the event of lightning strikes to transformers serving camp.
Consider unplugging larger appliances like washing machines and dryers, to avoid the chance of fire from unseen frayed wiring.
MaryJane Butters not only has a solution, but is leading the weary on the well-appointed path of unplugging through "glamping," a concept she coined many years ago that combines camping and glamour into one outdoor experience.
And when unplugging it stopped the bucking and stalling, the previous owner said, "Fine.
Unplugging appliances in the home is easy and significantly reduces carbon pollution.
We are seeing improved water quality due to residents unplugging their automatic water softeners -- but everyone in the Santa Clarita Valley will have to stop using their machines to reach regulatory chloride objectives," said Jim Stahl, Chief Engineer and General Manager for the Sanitation District.