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Synonyms for unplug

pull the plug of (electrical appliances) and render inoperable


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We're on 24/7 WILLIAM O'MEARA DUBLIN YESTERDAY 48 Number of hours clients will be removed from mobiles at Unplug
But before you start any work on the dishwasher, unplug it or turn off the power at the shutoff switch or main circuit panel.
5) Turn Pages - Unplug the e-reader and grab an old-fashioned book; go to your library.
The Unplug kickoff event will take place December 8th at 6PM in the Miami Beach neighborhood at WeWork Lincoln Road.
A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said: "It may take a couple of minutes to unplug the two components and put them away, it will reduce the chances of an opportunist thief looking through the window and seeing that you have the latest equipment.
The Kolbergs decided to turn off their television, unplug their iPods, iPhones, laptops and digital cameras, and disconnect from e-mail, cell phones and the Internet.
Dave does unplug, but turning off the cell phone, laptop and hand-held wireless devices remains a challenge.
The Unplug application on Facebook features the GreenX[TM] Calculator, which calculates carbon pollution reduction and helps users see their positive impact in terms of taking cars off the road and/or miles not driven by simply unplugging appliances.
The trick, he said, is to unplug appliances that draw power even when they're not in use.
Always unplug a light string or decoration before replacing fuses or bulbs.