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(of farmland) not plowed

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In 1980, most of the land purchased on Mormon Island consisted of unplowed, native mixed and tallgrass prairie, but 67 ha had been plowed for cultivated fields for corn, alfalfa, and soybeans (Nagel, 1981).
125110) declining to testify before a federal grand jury that was investigating his claims that certain parts of Queens were deliberately left unplowed for days following the 2010 New York City blizzard.
120-a456) incorrectly stated, "Striped field mice from plowed fields carried many more chiggers and ticks than mice from unplowed fields.
The left-hand side followed the lake towards Whitehead, and the right-hand side turned steeply into an unplowed hill.
When we launched Nexus, one of our stated goals was to open a dialogue about Miller, to explore areas of his work that had been left unplowed for too long, and I feel that we have accomplished this task effectively.
During droughts in the 1800s, the landscape was dominated by ranches with unplowed grazing land.
It left profound psychic scars; even now, the purported plague pit is unplowed.
Consider the empty barns and silos, the unplowed fields, the gravelly gnawing of hunger.
Factorial combination of artemisia products (dry leaf powder (LDP), dry leaf aqueous extract (LDE), fresh leaf powder (LFP), fresh leaf aqueous extract (LFE), dry stem powder (SDP), dry stem aqueous extract (SDE), fresh stem powder (SFP), fresh stem aqueous extract (SFE), dry root powder (RDP), dry root aqueous extract (RDE), fresh root powder (RFP) and fresh root aqueous extract (RFE)) and application methods (applied on the plowed plots and on the unplowed weedy plots) were used in three replications.
The left wheel runs in unplowed land, providing adequate traction.
SNOW SWEPT THROUGH NEW YORK'S NEIGHBORHOODS, stranding emergency vehicles on unplowed streets.
The matter of public credulity requires quite a bit of explanation, one would think, not least because of its antidemocratic implications, but this is a field that is left unplowed by the authors.
On Thursday morning, at the first campaign event after the storm, at a homeless shelter on an unplowed street in the dilapidated Uptown neighborhood, a TV anchor asked Emanuel about the city's handling of the closing of Lake Shore Drive.
Many of the streets in the world's greatest financial center were unplowed and untreated,.
On the afternoon of January 21, 2002, the ninety-two-year-old Olympic legend was heading northbound in his 2001 white Cadillac Deville, driving through the sleepy Adirondack town of North Elba on a snow-covered, unplowed road.