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(of farmland) not plowed

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The increase in bulk density in the SSR plots especially at the beginning of a season could also be attributed to the compacted unploughed sections during the land preparation.
Where they have escaped being grubbed out, traditional orchards have tended to remain unsprayed and unploughed, becoming oases for a diversity of species.
What name is given to the strip of land left unploughed at the end of a field, now used for nature conservation purposes?
Turn sharp right through the bushes to enter a field and follow the unploughed path as it curves left to the farm.
7) Moran's researches into early Irish ecclesiastical history, an unploughed field, meant locating and carefully transcribing the ancient manuscripts, many half-forgotten, and that meant developing a proficiency in palaeography and the Irish language.
The range of possible contributory factors includes: increased pests and diseases; toxic chemicals arising from retained stubble; greater residual effects of herbicides; growth-inhibitory bacteria in the rhizosphere; inhibited root growth in the harder unploughed seed bed; inhibitory signals passing from roots to leaves when the roots are experiencing less than ideal soil conditions; and concentration of nutrients in the surface soil.
Crouching 'in hiding', we see that a rough, unploughed patch, part of the quilt of arable and meadow, has been cleared of brushwood yesterday; and a bonfire made of this, and its roots, now apparently gone cold.
Across every continent archaeologists have trudged in ordered lines scouring ploughed and unploughed landscapes for lithic artefacts and the rock-shelters that might, once excavated, serve as chronological tent pegs to anchor the surface scatters.
For the moment, however, this field is left grievously unploughed.
299) alludes to unploughed land awaiting fertilization, bearing an analogy with the poetic subject who, under the influence of a sudden inner explosion, follows a path of flowers, fruit and sun, a recognition of light and her own rebirth.
The stubble left in unploughed fields over the winter provides adults birds with enough seeds to survive.
Key conservation actions that then follow might include leaving log litter on the ground, fencing off remnants, controlling environmental pests, leaving soil unploughed and restoring crucial habitat values.
Chorus--Oh, first fair age of gold /not just because streams ran / with milk, and trees the honeyed dew distilled; /not that the earth did mold /its fruit from unploughed land / and serpent roamed no ire nor venom filled; / no dark cloud ever chilled, / nor close to earth did cling; / the skies that now inflame / in an eternal spring; / and frigates never bore / to alien shores nor pilgrims, freight, nor war.
As the population rose, the unploughed common land of the villages came under increased pressure for corn production, and peasants had progressively less grazing available for their livestock.