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not promised in marriage

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45 to a meeting with a studio executive), as much as the masculine rite-of-passage motifs in his films, seemed to place him in that unpledged fraternity of directors with decidedly non-liberal politics: Michael Cimino, Walter Hill, Ron Maxwell, Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Oliver Stone.
SECURITY FOR LOC Amounts due under the LOC will be secured by a Resolution, which will pledge excess unpledged revenue from the Water and Sewer Enterprise Fund and a USDA take-out commitment letter.
On the other, he wants to argue that Kennedy did not really win the popular vote at all, because several hundred thousand Alabamans voted for unpledged Democratic electors who, in fact, cast their electoral votes for Virginia Senator Harry E Byrd.
Although New Hampshire had first adopted its presidential primary in 1913--eventually moved in 1915 to the second Tuesday in March to coincide with town meetings--voters in the primary cast their ballots for unpledged delegates.
Unencumbered cash, highly liquid assets (such as government securities and investment-grade corporate bonds) and available borrowings, such as loan commitments, unpledged securities and lines of credit, qualify as available liquid funds.
When completed the value of these unpledged assets may prove to be in the region of EUR500million.
In the event of a default, the lender can seize and sell the asset, and, furthermore, has the right to the borrower's unpledged assets and properties.
Pre-judgment attachment allows a creditor to attach (basically freeze) a debtor's unpledged assets.
Because of the priority and rank-ordering feature of bankruptcy law, debtors sometimes improperly collude with others (who may be related to the debtor) to prefer them, by for example granting them security deposits in otherwise unpledged assets.
Besides the 61 district delegates, the state Democratic Party will also send 26 unpledged super delegates and two add-ons, 20 at-large delegates, and 12 party leader delegates.
As a superdelegate, one of the hundreds of unpledged delegates who will be at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and make up approximately one-fifth of the total number of delegates.
Ironically, though intended to be democratic, the rules will likely throw the decision about the nominee to the 796 unpledged superdelegates, nearly one-fifth of the total.
Although Republican and Democratic delegates differ in many ways, each party has two basic types of delegates: pledged and unpledged.