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Antonyms for unpleasantly

in an unpleasant manner

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In that case your son would be very unpleasantly situated.
The BSP, however, was unpleasantly surprised by the words of the Honorable MRF Chairman Ahmed Dogan told the holidays that the opposition is not ready to offer an alternative to the Borisov 3 Cabinet.
It was unpleasantly reminiscent of the campaign to get us to join Europe.
AS this snarling king of the carnivores comes face to face with a human being, it looks like it's going to end rather unpleasantly.
Brussels is said to be unpleasantly surprised by the insults and threats against Hahn, the ongoing preparation of a protest on the social media to be staged the next time he visits the country and the initiative that the EC should send another facilitator in the negotiations to replace Hahn.
Stop chanting unpleasantly at us Leigh," demanded a fan.
The Croatian club added that they are surprised by the unpleasantly harsh and baseless accusations of which they have been accused and that they completely reject.
The American people continue to be unpleasantly surprised at Obamacare's requirements, mandates, and taxes.
Unfortunately, in the smaller species that are very close to the ground, the rain splashes sand into the gills making them difficult to clean and therefore, unpleasantly crunchy
The dog owners let this occur without a second thought for the children who innocently find themselves unpleasantly laced with dog matter that should be restricted to the appropriate area.
The vocals were so muffled that at times it was hard to hear, the guitars were muddy and the whole thing was unpleasantly distorted.
You have to find your priority, and if it's a fight-stopping pocket rocket, you'll have to get used to shooting an unpleasantly snappy package with a short sight radius.
35 cappuccino unpleasantly so compared with Collette's PS2.
Even though 1Q12 sales were inflated by other income, we were unpleasantly surprised by contraction of revenues from mobile services.