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remove the pins from

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The segregation of N and C atoms, typically interstitials, on dislocations to form Cottrell atmospheres is a well known effect; it is also known that after forming these atmospheres, energy is required to unpin the dislocations: Luders bands and strain ageing are macroscopic evidences of the pinning/unpinning instability.
5 Unpin and brush or comb before holding with Elnett hair spray (tesco.
Email pinning is a feature where you can pin a particular email so that it stays on top of the email stack until you unpin it.
He may mischievously laugh at any review that attempts to pin him to (anti-Marxist) ideological truth-statements or that attempts to unpin him from critical genius, both missions of course destined to fail, designed to betray.
6 tons of glass piled up on the men, and other workers rushed to unpin them and bring them to the hospital.
However, they were found near the News Telegram office in a little shop, where they too, were made to unpin from their hats and hand over to Miss Wiltshire similar bands as that bear the above sentence.
If you're the inbound, cancelling IFR--weather permitting--will unpin the guy on the ground.
Thomas Unpin is a freelance photojournalist based in Hanover, Mich.
Most of these student-artists are still at exploratory stages, and one or two struggle to unpin themselves from imitating established artists with varying degrees of success and failure.
For example, if one observed an increase in crime in 1984 in Los Angeles, the year the city hosted the Summer Olympics, it is extremely unlikely such a result could be explained by changes in the standard demographic or punishment related variables such as male share or racial mix of the population or the median sentence length that unpin the theoretical Becker (1968) and Ehrlich (1973) models of crime and punishment, since these variables exhibit almost no movement within an MSA from year to year.
And when the dead girls tried to unpin our arms and legs, to move the rubble that held us in place, they found they had only their ordinary strength.
When we were little, my grandmother used to unpin her hair, brush it until it crackled, and tell us she was a witch.
lt;p>Typically, you'll see a history list of the most recent open files -- or Web sites, in the case of Internet Explorer -- as well as options to pin the application icon to the task bar (if you haven't already pinned it there) or unpin the application from the taskbar (if you've already pinned it there).
However, it is the responsibility of the brand owner to use intelligent pack design and language to unpin this message and, where relevant, to convey the core values of organic food.
Let the hair cool down, unpin and use your fingers to break up the curls.