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without beauty or charm


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They recall a sensibility embodied in the recent films of Alexander Payne, a director who lavishes loving attention on the unglamorous pockets of American middle-class existence, employing oblique, unpicturesque shots of side streets and strip-mall parking lots as poignant backdrops for complicated tales of human striving and sadness.
2) One notable exception is a pair of images: Anne Langton's unpicturesque ink drawing of the Otanabee River's unpeopled but stump laden river bank in 1837 is, without aesthetic analysis, reproduced above her postsettlement picturesque watercolour, sketched from a similar perspective fifteen years later (71).
The long line of vehicles, all moving in the same track, presented a singular spectacle as it wound its way along the not unpicturesque road.
We do need history, but quite differently from the jaded idlers in the garden of knowledge, however grandly they may look down on our rude and unpicturesque requirements.
Bill does the loudspeaker announcements as well as rushing out to get the balls when they're kicked over the fence - and he knows how sparse the crowds can be in this unpicturesque part of West London.
It was a dour performance befitting the dour landscape of this most unpicturesque part of Kent at a ground complete with an adjacent scrapyard.
About four years ago, Walker began to allow more or less explicit but brutal landscape references into his pictures--specifically to the ragged tidal zones between sea and land, the mudflats and rocky shore of Maine, where he has spent extensive periods over the past thirty years--using these deliberately unpicturesque points of departure with the same freedom and inventiveness that he did repeated "vessel" and "shield" shapes, some years ago, and, more recently, a symbolic sheep's skull.
If it weren't for the panorama of Salisbury Crags and the unpicturesque views of the Dumbiedykes housing estate, this watering hole could easily be somewhere in continental Europe, or at least in London's Docklands.