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without beauty or charm


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None the less, Echenoz's heroes manifest the same detachment from everyday city life that we see in Houellebecq, and a disponibilite that leads them away from it at a moment's notice, whether to the far-flung exotic--Malaysia (L'Equipee malaise), India (Les Grandes Blondes), the North Pole (Je m'en vais), even outer space (Nous trois)--or into the domestic unknown, the unpicturesque provincial hinterland (Les Grandes Blondes again, Un an) .
We do need history, but quite differently from the jaded idlers in the garden of knowledge, however grandly they may look down on our rude and unpicturesque requirements.
Bill does the loudspeaker announcements as well as rushing out to get the balls when they're kicked over the fence - and he knows how sparse the crowds can be in this unpicturesque part of West London.
It was a dour performance befitting the dour landscape of this most unpicturesque part of Kent at a ground complete with an adjacent scrapyard.
The journey between these two moments takes place in the American unpicturesque of crummy motels and bars, clogged truck routes and the occasional low-rent office (where Wuornos makes a doomed attempt to get a straight job).
About four years ago, Walker began to allow more or less explicit but brutal landscape references into his pictures--specifically to the ragged tidal zones between sea and land, the mudflats and rocky shore of Maine, where he has spent extensive periods over the past thirty years--using these deliberately unpicturesque points of departure with the same freedom and inventiveness that he did repeated "vessel" and "shield" shapes, some years ago, and, more recently, a symbolic sheep's skull.
If it weren't for the panorama of Salisbury Crags and the unpicturesque views of the Dumbiedykes housing estate, this watering hole could easily be somewhere in continental Europe, or at least in London's Docklands.
32) It is a changeover from the charm of backwardness to unpicturesque, unmagical modernization; and it was more or less total across the thirty-two counties, so that now a cottage with the thatch still on it is a rare sight.
Black community was reinterpreted as black separatism: no less a poet than Gwendolyn Brooks, whose entire oeuvre chronicled the life of Chicago's South Side from World War Two on, with a particular but in no way exclusive emphasis on portraits of less than remarkable women, the elderly, the unpicturesque, felt obliged to publish an auto-critical credo taking herself to task for not having envisioned a specifically black readership for that work.
This is now lost, just as for Armand Fremont the countryside has become a playground for town-dwellers or is marred by unpicturesque factory farming.
And yet, characteristically, Mikhailov's unflinching view of an unpicturesque reality is infused with a fatalistic sense of humor that avoids the easy, exploitative tropes of victimhood often associated with documentary photography.
At the decaying, decidedly unpicturesque northern Argentina country estate of La Mandragora, weary matriarch Mecha (Graciela Borges) endures a particularly sticky February, four accident-prone teenagers and a distant husband, Gregorio (Martin Adjemian), by drinking at the side of the spread's filthy pool in between cloudbursts.