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Synonyms for unpick

become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of

undo (the stitches) of (a piece of sewing)

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4 Unpick seam under top square of unit 1 as shown in Diagram IV.
I don't want to unpick all of those difficult decisions, secondguess those difficult decisions.
Some in the extremes of political unionism believe that they can unpick the Good Friday Agreement.
The idea of the Handbook is to unpick some the key global food issues such as climate change, GMOs, peak oil, and meat consumption and present some of the very practical actions that are happening, not only in the UK but around the world, to deal with these problems at a very local level.
Blackpool have found the target in 12 of their last 13 matches - only failing to do so at Everton, when they missed a penalty - and they have the tools to unpick a resolute Hull outfit.
The closure plans are not based on what the people who use these services say they want and need, but on a politically motivated desire to unpick our public services.
THE EUROPEAN Commission is resisting pressure to unpick its recently approved dairy liberalisation reforms, as this premier European food industry sees prices collapse this year.
As for the NHS, Tony Blair admitted that he was wrong to unpick the reforms of Margaret Thatcher and there were also the disastrous GP and PFI contracts negotiated by Labour which still exacerbate the problems we have in the NHS today and will for many years to come.
Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, of Oxford University, has suggested Holyrood may refuse to implement UK efforts to unpick EU law from Scots law.
He may not be able to unpick defences with a moment of magic or rattle in a drive from 25 yards - like Steven Gerrard - but he is Mr 100 per cent.
seeks to unpick some of the key issues surrounding this sensitive issue, to try and better understand if there is a link between religion and terror in today's Birmingham.
But Mr Golestan said he was an innocent dupe who had only got the yellow stain on his hands because he used the knife Javadi had used to unpick the drugs to eat his morning cheese.
Prime Minister David Cameron, Deputy PM Nick Clegg and wannabe PM Ed Miliband, as well as the self-appointed gaggers of Hacked Off, look increasingly silly as they try to unpick their own rash, illiberal agreement.
BBC Radio 4's The Food Programme will air in-depth coverage of The Grocer's Food and Health Debate next month as industry figures meet to unpick the Government's thinking on public health.
Nelson has to unpick his memories in the race to find Jodie before she is killed.