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not capable of persuading

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Instead of trying to address the weaknesses in these natural law arguments, until very recently church officials have either simply repeated these unpersuasive arguments or tried punishing or silencing any dissent.
Shipp found that the case law relied upon by Saint Peter's-the Augsburg case-was unpersuasive.
The typical resultis a highly readablebut unpersuasive argument.
Atkinson's statistical reconstruction is unpersuasive, comments UCLA linguist H.
His lean frame and unpersuasive attempts to collect high balls in the penalty area has led opponents to target the youngster with physical tactics at set pieces, The Telegraph reports.
Defendant's argument that the automobile policy was implicated simply because the oil was transported in a covered vehicle is unpersuasive (see Wausau Underwriters Ins.
That is the editorial writer in Kay talking, and it is unpersuasive.
It also found warnings of the potential consequences to international relations unpersuasive.
District Judge Gladys Kessler found the argument unpersuasive.
The argument is that negative citations, like positive citations, also reflect judicial influence, because unpersuasive decisions, at least those outside the circuit, will be simply ignored.
Courts typically find the opinions of even a highly qualified expert to be unpersuasive when the expert is not familiar with the specific facts of the subject case.
Several times however an incident is unpersuasive because the reader hasn't been fully prepared.
Three years later, before those limits could take effect, the Supreme Judicial Court threw them out on technicalities that were as unpersuasive to ordinary voters as they were predictable to seasoned political observers.
The letter in the March 15 News defending African-American bar associations was thoroughly unpersuasive.
I have to move my car; tales of unpersuasive advocates and injudicious judges.