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not capable of persuading

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Instead of trying to address the weaknesses in these natural law arguments, until very recently church officials have either simply repeated these unpersuasive arguments or tried punishing or silencing any dissent.
The typical resultis a highly readablebut unpersuasive argument.
Courts typically find the opinions of even a highly qualified expert to be unpersuasive when the expert is not familiar with the specific facts of the subject case.
Three years later, before those limits could take effect, the Supreme Judicial Court threw them out on technicalities that were as unpersuasive to ordinary voters as they were predictable to seasoned political observers.
The letter in the March 15 News defending African-American bar associations was thoroughly unpersuasive.
JACK Straw is a wily politician but his argument for Cabinet minutes on the Iraq war remaining secret is unpersuasive.
I have to move my car; tales of unpersuasive advocates and injudicious judges.
The authors reveal a systematic approach that helps executives avoid common traps that result in making unpersuasive claims.
The Fifth Circuit called the reasoning of the other appeals courts unpersuasive and said Jaffee should be the controlling authority.
Here, her eccentric rhythms are undone by the interruption of the sitcom laugh track, unpersuasive titters that underscore how wan the jokes really are.
The 42-page report does not simply find the cases presented by the racing and betting industries unpersuasive, it comes close to concluding that it is impossible for either party to win a clear victory in an argument conducted within the unsatisfactory forum of the levy system.
It is an unpersuasive argument because the timing of discourse changes remains a mystery to the end of the book.
Thus I find Winter's interpretation of 1 Cor 11:2-16 as reflecting Paul's reaction to these "new women" ingenious but unpersuasive.
A European Court of Human Rights judgment announced in Strasbourg this week said, 'The court is not convinced by the Government's submission the college was authorised under its statutory powers to do 'anything necessary or expedient' for the purposes of providing higher and further education, and finds the argument unpersuasive.
Given these bona fides, it was dispiriting to find Gondry's New York gallery debut, "The Science of Sleep: An Exhibition of Sculpture and Creepy Pathological Little Gifts," so haphazard and unpersuasive.