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not converted

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The panel is unpersuaded he has developed full insight, and cannot exclude the risk of repetition.
Justice Graesser was equally unpersuaded that his decision would create a slippery slope.
Once the second round of the presidential elections is concluded and the shape of the new Afghan Government is clear, there could be renewed opportunities for political talks," it said, adding that the primary impediment appears to be the lack of consensus on the Taliban side, where important parts of the Taliban leadership remain unpersuaded by the logic of negotiations and unconvinced that the current strength of the Afghan security forces will be maintained after transition.
We are entirely unpersuaded that this sentence was manifestly excessive and this appeal is dismissed," the judge concluded.
But opinion polls show voters are unpersuaded, with many believing that natural variations are the main cause.
While journalist Glenn Zorpette is simply unpersuaded by Kurzweil's projections ("Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
But Gower was unpersuaded by the merits of a World Test Championship.
At the end of the day, I'm unpersuaded by pro-lifers' arguments about these questions, but we have to engage them.
As to the merits, we are unpersuaded by defendant's argument that plaintiffs' claims for consequential damages, replacement cost damages for personal property, damages to the residence, and additional living costs should be dismissed because they failed to comply with defendant's discovery demands and with a November 24, 2010 discovery order issued by Supreme Court.
Nonetheless, Vice Chancellor John Noble was unpersuaded that the director's good faith could justify actions that would foreseeably cause significant harm to the company.
The council was unpersuaded by her argument that, since her four-year-old child could climb on to the swing unaided, it was unlikely that falling off would do any harm.
He said: "While the complainant's evidence on some of the details surrounding the events of the night in question may have been unsatisfactory we are wholly unpersuaded that the jury reached an unsafe verdict on the core allegations.
We are unpersuaded by Sherman's claim that Florida law dictates that the definition of 'home' in the policy must include ALFs," the court says.
Asked why he did not tell his own lawyer about the memory stick, Pfister said he panicked, but Judge Michaelides remained unpersuaded, expressing disbelief that such a mathematical and practical man as Pfister could display the 'panic and naivete' that he claimed.