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a person regarded as nonexistent and having no rights

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Unpersons is sure to be enjoyed both by kick-ass young women into feedback and by greying riot grrrls.
The depiction of compliant leaderships following Moscow's "every twist and turn" turns figures like Hannington into unpersons.
Not to make comparisons, Unpersons bathe in their own crusty stew.
Act of Martyr, Blasphemous Abnormality and the Unpersons also will play.
Orwellian" has entered the vocabulary as a shorthand adjective for the abiding fear of the twentieth century, that we would all become unpersons at the mercy of Big Brother.
Just as it became more and more difficult for defenders of slavery to think of slaves as chattel, as things, as unpersons.
Golden and the others are escapees, not from prison but from the ever-tightening clutches of politicians and prosecutors who see convictions as unmistakable, appeals as unnecessary and prisoners as unpersons.
Perhaps he could learn something from George Orwell's Winston Smith, who had the job of removing unpersons from the history books.