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It's amazing that it has languished unperformed for over three decades.
The defendant, however, claimed the unperformed recall work had nothing to do with the cause of the crash and that the cause of the crash was pedal misapplication by the plaintiff.
The city said it paid another $2,560 to the company in July for similar unperformed services.
Unperformed or poorly performed maintenance will expose you to inherent dangers and expensive repairs in the long run.
Instead he adapted the unperformed script he came up with to write Lewis and Number One, a children's story centred on young Lewis Noble, who sets out to write an essay on the subject and who is whisked back in time by a timetravelling family from the future on their way back to 1825.
Speaking Monday at a press conference in Plovdiv, Grudev said that damages stemming from unperformed contracts with Russia were estimated at BGN 10 M, adding that indirect damages resulting from the decrease in prices and unsold quantities of fruit and vegetables were expected to amount to at least BGN 10 M
The building issue re-emerged after the Civil War, with the annual report of 1865 noting that "this building, so long and so much needed, still haunts us like an unperformed duty.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of that pivotal Zappa fan favourite, they'll play the whole album, as well as premiering some unperformed songs and other surprise material.
While paragraphs 13 and 14 might seem sufficient to screen out questionable but legally enforceable contracts, ED paragraph 15 goes further, imposing a sixth test on what it terms wholly unperformed contracts:
As Gulf News reported last year, other types of misuse include unnecessary cosmetic procedures, unperformed medical services (such as sick leave) and filing the same insurance claim twice.
In line with the renewed agreement, a fine worth 12% of the amount of unperformed investments
Therefore, in this hard economic period, with reduction of wages and unemployment growth, the Romanian banks activity was damaged because of unperformed loans and also by delays of loan payments.
The music of Ives went unperformed for many years and was resoundingly ignored during his life.
NEW ORLEANS -- Annual Medicare wellness exams are being unperformed, resulting in lost opportunities and revenue, according to Dr.
NEW ORLEANS--Annual Medicare wellness exams are being unperformed, resulting in lost opportunities and revenue, according to Dr.