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with no people living there


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It's one of the most unpeopled forested landscapes in the West.
City comforts sit far away--the biggest population center, Durango, is a lively town, not a metropolis--and the unpeopled landscapes make visitors feel like pioneers.
After they all exit the ark and settle down on the unpeopled earth, Noah will bless his children and grandchildren, quoting Gen.
It would seem that the very systems constructed as sites for the storage and retrieval of content, information, and possessions culminate in unpeopled disorder.
Iturbide's stark black-and-white photographs present an unpeopled landscape: exposed rebar, contorted trees, cacti strung round with newspapers.
Use of the frontier metaphor in science creates an image of knowledge as something spatial--a territory with borders, presumably unpeopled, to be reached and occupied or fought over--which then seeps into how scientists construct their work.
He ventures past all the limits set for human nature, embarking at an already advanced age, when he is old and slow (106), trespassing beyond the columns of Hercules (108-109) into the unpeopled world ("mondo sanza gente," 117) behind the sun.
There was something so heavy, so entirely unpeopled about the house's silence, that it didn't seem real to me .
Perhaps Egypt won't have to be unpeopled just yet after all.
Over decades, Maier took, on average, several photographs each day, many of them unpeopled images of such things as shadows, puddles, walls, and strewn objects.
I find it difficult to recall shots in his films of unpeopled landscapes.
Although pictures of vitality like the white yachts seen gliding over the backdrop sea, these models are never quite so lively as the quicksilver light glancing, glittering and dancing all around them (and whose myriad effects on water are recorded in several unpeopled paintings).
the remote feel of there with its bare, unpeopled landscape, that returning the relative civilisation o the Norwegian city of Tromso is like waking fr a dream.
Such is the remote feel of the region, with its bare, unpeopled landscape, that returning to the relative civilisation of the Norwegian city of Tromso is like waking from a dream.