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not having a paved surface


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Reconstruction of the existing unpaved resolves object field paths HPC 1b and 1a and constructing a new VPC, the way in which the VPC 1bN route (or its part), however, according to the surface of the characters, also runs occasional operation of agricultural vehicles.
This additional funding, in conjunction with the formal termination of our high-end unpaved road conversion policy, will reaffirm the department's commitment to maintaining a first-class transportation system," TxDOT Executive Director Joe Weber wrote.
Even unpaved alleys, with hard-packed surfaces caused by years of vehicle use, contribute to runoff, Luers said.
ISLAMABAD -- Residents in parts of Islamabad have demanded of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to build the unpaved streets, as they are nuisance for them in the rainy season.
When commanding officer of Veiled Vipers -- the IAF's special operations squadron -- air commodore Tejbir Singh led his crew to touch down at DBO's unpaved strip at 6.
Pilatus Aircraft launches a midsize twin-turbofan business jet that will be able to operate from short unpaved fields Pilatus Aircraft is venturing into a new market segment by launching the PC-24, a single-pilot, midsize twin-turbofan aircraft that will be able to operate from short, unpaved fields yet cruise at 425 kt.
Like a helicopter, the proposed craft would be able to rise vertically from unpaved sites, but, like a conventional airplane, forward flight would be possible using wings and airplane engines.
Like other sections of Hor Al Anz, there is a shortage of parking spaces in these streets due to which residents have been parking their cars in narrow unpaved alleys between buildings as well as empty car parks nearby.
BETHLEHEM, July 23, 2012 (WAFA) -- Israeli settlers Monday destroyed tens of trees and opened an unpaved road in private Palestinian land in al-Khader, a town south of Bethlehem, according to a local activist.
Experience the outstanding scenery and history of Yosemite and California's Gold Country while riding hundreds of miles of world-class roads from the paved to the unpaved, all from your secured campsite at the Mariposa Fairgrounds.
He linked the accident to the unpaved road and careless driving, saying.
With 27 years experience in the geotextiles industry he has held key positions within industry associations and has worked closely with transportation agencies to show the benefits of incorporating geotextiles and pavement interlayer fabrics in their paved and unpaved roads.
The aircraft drove from the landing field to the unpaved area for 40 meters and burst into flame.
In the report, Estimated Land Available for Carbon Sequestration in the National Highway System, FHWA estimates the amount of unpaved National Highway System (NHS) ROW available for carbon sequestration.
All that furniture was on an unpaved road with lots of trees on both sides .