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Synonyms for unpatterned

lacking patterns especially in color


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Figure 2 (a-f) shows typical osteoblast morphology on "flat" unpatterned and microgrooved Ti substrata.
Keep your eyes out for a colourful unpatterned sofa to go with your table - something like the Malaga corner unit would be an ideal contrast.
That Heyns, with such seeming effortlessness, is able to bring together this unpatterned universe in such a deliciously poised narrative pattern, playing god, yet showing his characters to be at the mercy not only of circumstance and history but also of themselves--despite every effort at mastery--is a tour de force.
Sometimes alternation of unpatterned beads with patterned beads provides contrast, which adds more variety to the piece.
As a consequence, routinization has important limits: outright disruption and unpatterned conflict are also important in building these bridges, counter-intuitive as that may sometimes seem.
In the case of even clapstick beating the descriptive term 'even' is clear: even beating is regular and unpatterned.
Some early research has placed silicon chiplets into pits on an unpatterned silicon wafer, but a good deal of work also has been done in inserting chiplets of multiple species--silicon, GaAs, InP--on the same wafer.
Traditionally, the genre chapters are further divided into wen [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and bi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]--variously understood as rhymed and unrhymed, patterned and unpatterned, or refined and functional literature.
You can identify a piece of vintage fabric through its pattern and style, or by looking for the designer's name, manufacturer and pattern name on the selvedge (the piece of unpatterned material that forms the border of the fabric when it is on the roll).
unmeaning unpatterned *** unsymbolic unalterable undefinable unthinkable [See
than others and make unpatterned outcomes improbable.
Popular conceptions of violent acts and those who commit them often reflect the notion that this is mindless, incomprehensible, unpredictable, and unpatterned behavior enacted by the alcoholic, the mentally unstable, or the socially desperate.
protectionism--actually the straw that broke the back of protectionism--came in 1930 when, in the teeth of the Great Depression, Congress passed the Smoot-Hawley Act, a veritable orgy of unpatterned and unprincipled tariff increases that were the highest in the history of the United States.
A child acquires verbal behavior when relatively unpatterned vocalizations, selectively reinforced, gradually assume forms which produce appropriate consequences in a given verbal community.
The ultra-WB measures the radius of this curvature on unpatterned wafers with a sophisticated laser-based technology.