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in an unpatriotic manner

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Presumably, that wall will come down on March 4 when we will no doubt be bombarded with cries of "unfair" that Wales - by which, rather unpatriotically, they simply mean the Welsh Assembly - has been denied the fiscal "tools".
MPs said RBS was acting unpatriotically by supporting the American firm Kraft.
Drivers and tour guides proudly but unpatriotically advised their customers against buying anything in Ireland, especially in Dublin: "We're the most expensive city in Europe, so buy only what you need.
Only a few pages later Frank Churchill, the quasi-villain of the story, condemns himself out of his own mouth, complaining unpatriotically that Ire is "'sick of England--and would leave it to-morrow, if I could'" (365).
The defenders of the president's Iraq strategy imply that members of Congress act unpatriotically or betray an obligation to the troops when they ask questions about the Iraq mission.
They have acted unpatriotically, in the true sense.